Donors’ Conference decided to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq and to facilitate the immediate funding

Donors’ Conference decided to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq and to facilitate the immediate funding of the United Nations

22.7.2016 12:15

Donors Conference decided to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq and to facilitate the immediate funding of the United Nations{Baghdad} Euphrates News donor countries at its last meeting decided to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq and the removal of mines and to facilitate the immediate funding of the United Nations.
The statement said the US State Department received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, that “more than a new two billion dollars were awarded to the Iraqi people in response to the authoritarian Daash that led to immense suffering and deprivation and destruction of the Iraqi people campaign, as initiated by the international community to help tackle the difficult situation facing displaced people in Iraq, in order to provide humanitarian support to those who needed him most , such as food, water and shelter to those in need, and to help create conditions that will allow the safe and voluntary return of displaced families to the liberated areas as quickly as possible. ” He added that” the foundations of long – term stability can be achieved if the ease the humanitarian crisis in Iraq and enable its citizens to return to their homes safely and access to basic services , health care and education and the hope of economic prosperity. ” the statement continued that” as a result of the conference which is co-hosted by {Canada, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands and the United States} , the international community to mobilize efforts to meet the funding requirements in the near term in Iraq in the four areas of urgent need, the humanitarian assistance and mine clearance and to facilitate the financing of the United Nations Development Programme and the Special Programme to achieve immediate stability as well as to facilitate the United Nations Development Programme and for achieving the enlarged stability, passed funding Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to provide pivotal initiatives to achieve stability in the medium term in order to promote recovery and resilience in the liberated areas of Daash. ” He added that” humanitarian assistance provided in yesterday ‘s support in the first place and the United Nations agencies operating in Iraq, in addition to other international institutions organizations , non – governmental and other. ” he explained that” through these organizations have provided the international community aid for each province in Iraq, and helped people who need it most and ultimately save lives and alleviate human suffering in light of the threats the daily violence of Daash “he said , adding that “pledges for stability created by this initiative donors will contribute effectively to the reconciliation efforts in the long term in Iraq, where the success of these efforts is essential to achieve long – term stability in the country and recover from persecution Daash.” He said that “donors who met will remain committed to supporting Iraq, and urge strongly all governments, organizations and individuals to support the UN ‘s efforts to save lives by funding and its funds, as well as other partners in the humanitarian field, and we are especially grateful for the presence of Organization of Islamic cooperation in yesterday ‘s conference, and welcome its efforts to expand its support for the Iraqi people. ” He noted “we as states donors, remain aware also that success on the battlefield assigned to the civilian population dearly, and the United Nations announced on July 20 that it will need $ 284 million extra for planning to mitigate the impact of the battle to liberate Mosul citizens in time that is likely to there is a need for more to ease this challenge when Daash defeat in Mosul. Accordingly , we hope that will allow the results of the initiative to donors that they submit their contributions more quickly to support last -minute appeal to the UN Alatdh elements. ” , The statement” although he is not to provide an exhaustive list of assignments grants during the event, the following points show the achievements of the conference of donor countries to support Iraq. The list excludes pledges the years 2017 and 2018 from donor countries , which can not publicly identify programs for the coming years beyond the current fiscal year. ” He noted that” the main points of the conference are the pledges of humanitarian assistance rapid response and strong, where he pledged a total of 26 donor contributions worth more from $ 590 million in humanitarian aid to support Iraq, through bilateral and multilateral channels. And that the money will support the needs identified in the UN plan for humanitarian response for Iraq for the year 2016, in addition to other aid organizations in Iraq and the region and lay the foundation of an international response more effectively to the challenges of humanitarian expected accompanying campaign edit Mosul. ” He pointed to the ” Support Program stabilizing, as announced 14 countries for new funding for the program to achieve dynamic stability in Iraq, and has pledged to grant more than $ 350 million, and the largest number of countries to provide grants worth $ 125 million to the United nations financing private development to achieve immediate stability, and this is important progress to raise $ 180 million to meet the requirements of 2017 set by the United Nations. ” he said he” has been allocated funds for the activities of humanitarian demining, as more than 10 countries provided grants worth more than $ 80 million in new pledges for mine – clearing efforts in Iraq . ” noting that “this support will provide nearly three – quarters of the total financing , which the United Nations estimates that it is required for one year from the mine – clearing activities in Iraq, in addition to the launch of facilitating financing to achieve an expanded stability , ” adding that ” the United States was the first major donors at $ 50 million dollars to underwrite the private United Nations to facilitate the new investigation expanded stability. ” and went on the statement that” facilitate private funding to achieve expanded stability will facilitate recovery and resilience in the liberated areas of Daash, and provide funding for specific projects to support the rehabilitation of institutions to restore basic public services and create jobs, UN estimates United to colleges, hospitals and universities are eligible for special support to facilitate the financing of the achievement of the enlarged stability would be able to recruit nearly 17,000 thousand to 20,000 thousand people in each of the areas that have already been destroyed by Daash. ” He noted that” the donor countries stressed the long commitment term commitment to the Iraqi people in addition to providing immediate funds for humanitarian needs in the near term and programs vital stability, the conference of donor countries to support Iraq ‘s security more than $ 200 million in commitments in 2017 and 2018 for the years for mine clearance, stabilization and humanitarian needs efforts , “noting that” the line this provides funding for international organizations and non – governmental organizations the flexibility and safety net programs for humanitarian disasters is expected to address the rapid response to the challenges of the new stability “.anthy