Do not rule out the assassination of al-Maliki by terrorism

Do not rule out the assassination of al-Maliki by terrorism


Do not rule out the assassination of al-Maliki by terrorismPalm – MP for the coalition of state law Ali Alfalh that the Iraqi army is built on the foundations of democracy, not coups, pointing out that any attempt to power a military coup will bite failure.

He Alfalh through a media statement that the challenges facing the political process and large-Maliki now leads a carry against terrorism, pointing out that the assassination of al-Maliki by terrorism is unlikely, adding that the Iraqi army is based on the democratic experience, not the experience of military coups.

He added: Despite the increase in terrorist acts against the people, but this does not mean that terrorism is unable to face the Iraqi army, but it performs its operations hidden in left, pointing out that all the news that talk today about the existence of a scheme to a military coup or assassination of al-Maliki, all attempts to Tais citizen and foil morale.

And continued Alfalh: that all this talk over al-Maliki and military leaders, but toughness against terrorism and seeking to destroy the country, adding that any coup attempt in the new Iraq will fail.

Meanwhile, the MP said Uday Awad There is definite information on the existence of an attempt to overthrow the regime in Iraq, Saudi diagonal support Turki, adding that the issue of Saudi support and country, and fatwas funding for terrorists to shed Iraqi blood has become clearly visible.

He said the issue has become a clear and known to all and reported by news media on the issue of dropping power in the country and the assassination of the Prime Minister and the liquidation of Iraqi political figures are confirmed and documented case books and information.

Awad said that the official documents and books and confessions of al Qaeda leaders and leaders of other terrorist organizations indicate that these schemes and attempts financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

While MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki political parties to take responsibility for security breaches and to refrain from political miscarriage and absolve themselves of responsibility.

He said in a press statement that political differences and conflicts of interest between the blocs pay some to question arms deals that were supposed to support the army and the security services even before the signing of contracts.

He added that the responsibility for these security breaches do not fall entirely on the security services which mobilized its energies in order to protect the security of citizens has many proactive operations to prevent the occurrence of many terrorist operations.

He believed al-Maliki said Iraq is exposed today to the international terrorism supported by the regional countries, and implemented interfaces and political agendas, sectarian, noting that the enemies of Iraq regional trying various ways stirring sectarian strife between the components of Iraq Casthdav mosques and Shiite mosques and areas with a majority certain to create strife in Iraq.

He pointed out that these countries managed to invest the political differences that exist in Iraq for use by order of escalation and creating problems by recruiting terrorists and conferencing against Iraq and paying money to support terrorist operations and the laying of intelligence inside the country, pointing to the existence of political parties decided to cooperate with foreign agendas in order to achieve factional interests or narrow partisan without naming those political actors.

He asked the politicians to refrain from accusations and inflammatory statements and assume their responsibilities and prevent foreign interference and sedition schemes led by Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.