Deputy Prime Minister: National Alliance will work to pass the oil law to resolve all differences with Iraqi Kurdistan

Draw MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Wednesday, that speed up enactment of a law of oil and gas has become a priority program of the National Alliance, noting that the law was passed will resolve all disputes between the central government on the one hand and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the rest of the provinces oil hand other.

Maliki said in a statement obtained by “obelisk”, a copy of which, “The National Alliance Collect the importance and the need to quickly pass laws services that feed the interests of the Iraqi citizens and create a unified system of work the government’s budget for the implementation of all projects was delayed because of political differences, including the law of oil and gas.”

He added, that “the enactment of the oil and gas has become an urgent necessity during this period to resolve all contentious points between the central government on the one hand and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the rest of the provinces oil the other hand, because delaying create blurry and leave the door open to all sides of the judgment in creating the kind of chaos in this important that represents the backbone of the economy of Iraq. “

He explained, “The law was completed all points have been discussed all proposals related there is no longer any justification for postponing the vote“, adding that he no longer “there is value for consensus today and become a duty to resolve the law as soon as possible through the display of the vote.”

He pointed out that “the next stage became stage articulated to pass all laws broken, where we expect to pass all laws and service politics through majority including the law of infrastructure and social security, parties and Unified Retirement which reflected delay approval on the smooth work of the government and cause extensive damage on the overall fact the service.”

He concluded by calling on Parliament to “those laws with the start of parliamentary sessions to be resolved through voting.”

There are many laws in the basket the House of Representatives is still deferred due to differences on them, which are likely to be material for the controversial again between the political blocs, as expected displayed to vote is the most important oil and gas law and the law of the infrastructure as well as the law of parties, which regulates political parties and sets out the mechanics work and sources of funding .