Democratic: There is no more appropriate than the current time to declare a state, Kurdistan

Democratic: There is no more appropriate than the current time to declare a state, Kurdistan

Wednesday 27-05-2015 | 1:19:26

Democratic - There is no more appropriate than the current time to declare a state - KurdistanTwilight News / saw the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party secretary Fadhil Mirani, Wednesday, that the current time is best suited for the declaration of an independent Kurdish state, pointing out that the states of Iraq and Syria no longer have a physical presence and to Turkey and Iran for their problems.

He came Mirani’s remarks at a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the outbreak of the “گolan revolution” in Judge Mohammed hall in Erbil, and attended by Twilight News, adding that Kurds who run themselves 21 years ago under the influence of poverty and the threat they have today Parliament and head of the province, government and science and airports.

He Mirani that during the visit the region’s president, Massoud Barzani, to Jordan recently been raising the flag of Kurdistan along all countries of the world.

Mirani said that the emergence of “Daash” suddenly is not a problem, but he also said its expansion and expansion of the organization to turn to the state, this juxtaposition of Kurdistan a source of wonder: Who is the “Daash?”

And on the situation in Iraq, said Mirani that mismanagement contributed to Iraq to be in this situation, pointing to the Hamrin did not make it not the Kurds or the Arabs, but it is the work of God, in reference to the Hamrin mountain range prepared by the Kurds natural border between Kurdistan and other regions in Iraq .

He pointed out that Kurds Mirani is responsible for what ended up in Iraq, noting that poor management is the power of Iraq brought to this stage.

He pointed out that the right of every people to think their destiny and the right of self-determination is one of human rights, pointing out that the Kurds are talking about the right of self-determination and not for separation but will make a decision, and when they talk about the referendum did not talk about the state.

He noted that the question imposes itself Are mentioned in any constitutional text in the world to be a component of the right to independence but without boarding ?, explaining that “Bahrain youngest of Arbil shall not exceed an area of ​​28 kilometers, but it is the state, as well as Qatar, a country where 300 000 Copier only, it’s not a project for these projects and not for the people, such as the Kurdish people? ”

He said Mirani that the current situation is best suited to declare state of Kurdistan, noting that Syria and Iraq were left to them the existence of a state, Iran and Turkey have own their problems and that most other countries would not fight the Kurds if Kurdish State announced because there are interests brought them together with the Kurds and do not have ready to face this issue.