Declaration by the International Committee for the Protection of Democracy in Iraq

London / range announced in the British capital for the formation of “Global Commission for the Protection of Democracy in Iraq”, which met its administrative in London and elected Dr. Nabil Yassin as its chairman and Dr. Ismail Jalili as secretary general.

statement said the Commission had received the “long” version of it that the meeting also resulted in the formation of the committees working subgroups for Media and Public Relations, as discussed administrative body setup program activity which will prepare for the establishment of an international conference on the laws and draft laws in violation of the Iraqi Constitution, such as a bill of parties and draft Law on Freedom of expression and the bill cyber crime and the law amending the election law, and the development of independent bodies and exposed to seize independence.

statement added she also had discussed efforts to form branches in Baghdad, and ways of cooperation with international organizations and associations in order to create an Iraqi public opinion and international pressure in order to protect the Iraqi constitution and Mans of the freedoms and rights.