«Daash» suffer financially, thanks to Russian raids

«Daash» suffer financially, thanks to Russian raids

08/12/2015 08:57 GMT

Daash suffer financially thanks to Russian raidsAgencies – A study by the Institute of “IHS” to monitor the conflict, said the organization “Daash” terrorist suffering from a difficult financial situation because of the attacks on the infrastructure of the oil in the control areas, as reported income of up to $ 80 million a month, especially from taxes and confiscation of property , as well as external financing.
The Institute has said in a new report to him, “The Daash” depends on two sources of funding, it is the first external funding, and the second depends on the income earned by the looting of the areas controlled by Iraq and Syria.

According to the Institute, the terrorist organization derives part of its resources from taxes and confiscation, which imposes a 20% tax on all services in the occupation zones, in addition to that about 43% of the resources come from the sale of oil and drug trafficking, and the rest of the provision of donor countries.

He said the institute that “Daash” now suffers funding problems, and added that “there are preliminary indications that the organization finds it difficult to adjust the budget, with no reports of downgrades fighters’ salaries, and raised the price of electricity and other basic services, and the imposition of new agricultural taxes.”

He pointed out that the intensification of the oil infrastructure target, including the fields of oil tank by Russian aircraft, has begun to affect the organization, saying that “air strikes have weakened oil refining capacity of the organization significantly, as has weakened its ability to transport oil in tanker trucks.”

The Institute also pointed out that the organization “began forcing residents to pay money in exchange for allowing them to leave the regions, with the increasing pressure on him, will look for other ways to raise money,” as well as that he “will try to also raise electricity prices and to participate in the mobile phone networks and the Internet and all forms of services it offers the public. ”