Customs Authority: We apologize for the (non) application of the customs tariff law

Customs Authority: We apologize for the (non) application of the customs tariff law; Delayed due to technical and administrative reasons


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Iraqi Customs Authority apologized for the application of the customs tariff law at the moment and to technical and administrative reasons.

A statement issued by the House of Representatives received / JD / copy of it: that the Finance Committee held a meeting chaired by MP Haydar Abbadi presence Munther Abdul Amir Director General of the Customs Authority to discuss the latest developments that have taken place about the possibility of implementation of the Tariff Act.

And Dar axis meeting on the most important obstacles and problems that prevent the implementation of the law of customs tariff and after a long debate, which included a lot of questions and queries raised by the members of the Committee on the results report of the Committee headed by Director General of the Authority to discuss the possibility of phased or fragmented the law and what is the timetable for the board to get to the full implementation and the real law.

The manager replied in the body that it does not apply the law of the customs tariff for technical and administrative reasons and the need for the cooperation of other parties chock (such as the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Defence) with the Authority in its implementation.

He stressed the necessity request original documents certified by the importers and exporters by encouraging stakeholders to develop working methods and accuracy required to update the regulatory mechanisms granted import and export license.

Zdaa General Manager of the Authority to allocate a budget for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the board of customs and border crossing points through the state budget and the need to solve the problem of border crossing points to the Kurdistan Region, as the federal customs issue For his part, Ebadi stressed that the Commission has a lot of observations and opinions on the above-mentioned law, which will be recorded in the report of the Committee prepared on the law for submission to the House of Representatives in the near future.

According to the statement: It was agreed to host representatives (Ministry of Commerce, the Economic Affairs Committee in the Council of Ministers, the Directorate of border crossings, and the Interior Ministry, with the participation of the General Authority for Customs) in the headquarters of the Commission soon to discuss the law in question