Collective disappearance of “Dahesh” in Hawija

Collective disappearance of “Dahesh” in Hawija


Collective disappearance of Dahesh in HawijaA local source in Kirkuk said Monday that what he called the “fever” of voluntary surrender without a fight is sweeping Hawija, pointing to the emergence of a wave of sharp differences between the leaders of the organization in the judiciary, coinciding with the disappearance of dozens of families of the organization in mysterious circumstances.

The source said that “the liberation of Mosul and then Tal Afar dropped all the psychological pillars on which the organization relied on to raise the morale of its elements, breaking the image of the state of the Caliphate, which is not invincible.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the fever of handing over fighters to themselves for the security forces voluntarily without a fight swept the Hawija and began to circulate tongues openly and without any caveats.”

And the source, that “a wave of sharp differences raged among the leaders of the first row in the organization calling for the presence of leaders rejecting the principle of delivery and other supporters,” noting that “dozens of families of leaders and militants of the organization disappeared under mysterious circumstances of Hawija and its surroundings amid news that it went out to other areas To escape on the pretext that they are displaced. ”

Hawija is one of the most important strongholds of “Daqash” in the province of Kirkuk, which controlled after June 2014, and preparations are underway to liberalize the judiciary.