Cash allowance for the ration card may increase to 25 thousand dinars

Favored by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to increase cash allowance in return for the cancellation of the ration card, and Iraqiya quoted Maliki as saying that “the amount of [15] thousand dinars may grow to [25] thousand dinars.”

The government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh announced that the Council of Ministers decided at its Tuesday replace the ration card sums of money, starting from the beginning of next March 2013.

Dabbagh said in a statement the merits of the resolution, noting that “the Council of Ministers decided to replace the ration card currently applicable amounts of cash distributed to covered system mentioned by [15] thousand dinars per capita, an increase of the amount of [3] thousand dinars for the value of vocabulary, and placed binding controls for pricing flour to ensure that no price manipulation from the first of next March 2013. “

He said the “Vocabulary [five] to the ration card, which is rice, sugar, flour, oil, milk for children, costing the amount [12] thousand dinars per person per month, so the Iraqi government to increase this amount to be [15] thousand dinars per person per month.”

For his part, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s decision to cancel the ration card as a step in the context of reform.

The decision sparked reactions opposition and rejecting him between official circles and popular preacher government to reverse it because it affects the lives of citizens living and to the detriment of a wide range of people, especially the poor from him, amid fears of exploitation of traders and their monopoly of the materials and food commodities, leading to rising prices and goods which add another burden on citizens.