British newspaper reveals Washington’s intention to send urgent military supplies to Iraq

British newspaper reveals Washington’s intention to send urgent military supplies to Iraq

06/12/2014 17:12

British newspaper reveals Washingtons intention to send urgent military supplies to IraqFollow-up – and babysit – Sources British media on Thursday about the U.S. government’s “considering” sending military equipment emergency for Iraq worth 15 billion dollars after gunmen seized control of “Daash” on the city of Mosul, indicating that the equipment within the arms deal signed with the United States, and with suggested “significant opposition” from Congress to send “reinforcements back to Iraq,” a senior U.S. officer stressed the importance of liberalization of Mosul and not keep it in the hands of terrorism.
The British newspaper The Independent in a report published on Thursday, citing Western security sources high-level, “The U.S. government is considering sending military equipment to Iraq emergency after gunmen took control of the city of Mosul.”

The newspaper added that the “Facilities include Hellfire missiles and aircraft type march population Eagle”, predicting that “flown to Iraq soon with saving more than other weapons such as artillery will come successively and others”.

The newspaper pointed out that “these weapons is part of a deal between the United States and the Iraqi government worth 15 billion dollars, under which got the Iraqi armed forces on some 80 rockets and 12 reconnaissance aircraft march at the time was fighting the militants (Daash) in Anbar province.”

The newspaper pointed out that “it requires sending equipment now,” likely to be “There is considerable opposition in Congress from even send observers or advisors again to Iraq,” she asked, “But what would happen if Baghdad was itself threatened,” indicating that “the supply Iraq with aircraft Apache may be accelerated as well. ”

For his part, said a senior officer served for a long time in Iraq and left the U.S. military four months ago in a statement to the newspaper that “Mosul is a shock,” noting that “the areas of Fallujah and Ramadi have always been exposed to the problems by virtue of its proximity to the crossing of the Syrian, but regarding the connector, we are talking about second largest city in Iraq, which does not require survival in the hands of Al Qaeda. ”

Based on the number of sources of intelligence and diplomacy, the U.S. officials insist on not sending any troops back to Iraq, however, officials of the CIA The CIA were providing assistance to the Iraqi armed forces to defend themselves through the intensification of the recent fighting with insurgents.

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