Britain pledges support for the process of investment and trade in Iraq

Foreign Ministry announced that the Joint Ministerial Committee to develop economic and trade relations between Iraq and Britain will develop reconstruction projects and facilitate the work of businessmen and the private sector and agreed to hold meetings semi-annually.

said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari during a joint press conference with the Minister British statesman for the Middle East Alistair Burt held in the Foreign Ministry building yesterday and attended (range Press), “The Joint Ministerial Committee between Iraq and Britain reached a formula agreement to regulate the work of the Ministerial Committee of through periodic meetings regularly semiannual between the two sides,” noting that “The next meeting will be held in London.”

Zebari said that “the task of the ministerial committee is to facilitate the work of businessmen and the private sector by removing obstacles and barriers to the movement of people and goods and commodities between the two countries and relations are normal by facilitating visas and investor protection and justice matters and the law and encourage them also During joint events and joint exhibitions. “

For his part, British Secretary of State for the Middle East and North Africa, Alistair Burt, during the joint press conference, that “the Ministerial Council aims to establish mechanisms to help push forward the process of trade and investment,” noting that “what works by the Committee are practical steps to those working in the field of trade and economic order to facilitate their work to serve the interests of both countries. “

said Bert “must be our benefit and with the fruits by the people we represent we as politicians want show them that Iraq and Britain can work together to involve companies and the private sector a manner that achieves prosperity of the two peoples, “adding that” inter things we can talk about it at the next meeting is further progress on the subject of visa, as well as share your aspiration to establish a direct air route. “

He and British Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs that ” During the next few months we will send a trade delegation investment to Iraq and to work on the theme of partnership between the public and private sector, “noting that” this will bring more trade delegation of private sector companies to Iraq and to develop cooperation with their counterparts. “