Breaking News…Financial Commission: Budget law not ready for vote

Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Parliamentary Financial Commission, Haider al-Ebadi, informed the Parliament Chairmanship and the head of the political blocs during their meeting that the Budget law of 2013 is not ready for a vote hence came the decision of postponing the vote till Thursday session.

Parliamentary source stated to AIN “The Parliament Chairmanship and the heads of the blocs discussed the issue of the Presidency of Human Rights Commission where the Iraqiya Slate asked to grant this post for the Slate but the State of Law Coalition asked to grant it periodically to each bloc,” noting that “The meeting did not result in reaching agreement in this regard.”

“The Federal Court law will be presented for a vote in the parliament during Tuesday session,” the source added, stressing that “The SLC suggested four suggestions in the meeting but they were not considered.”

“The meeting also tackled the issue of the Youth and Sport Minister where the members of the IS and Sadr Trend expressed their opinion over voting on withdrawing confidence from the Minister directly while the SLC members called for the attendance of the Minister to interrogate him then to vote over withdrawing confidence from him,” the source concluded. /End/