“Blackmail” the Kurds is unacceptable and partnership with them threatened to secede

Shabandar: “blackmail” the Kurds is unacceptable and partnership with them threatened to secede

Created Wednesday, 03 April / April 2013 10:04

Baghdad / Orr News

Ruled out leading a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the possibility of “submission” to what he called “Kurdish extortion after today,”

The MP said the coalition of state law Izzat Shabandar is a close associate of al-Maliki, that “Baghdad this time is different from every time, as they are no longer willing to continue extortion Kurdish which became known, and therefore respond to any request will not exceed ceiling Constitution.”

Shabandar said that “the Kurdish issue must be resolved and no longer a viable subject for bargaining or procrastination,” adding that “some of the demands of the Kurds and clear and declared, and the other part did not declare, but clearly for us.” The Shabandar that “the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to the withdrawal and the province are the results of democracy, as it has not been voted on something for the benefit of our brothers the Kurds, they Azaalon or withdraw, as happened when voting on the budget,” and wondered about the “feasibility of their presence and their participation is not respected results of democracy, which is the process of voting on any bill is the most sacred thing in this aspect. ”

He added that “there is a very important issue is that the withdrawal coincided with a referendum in Kurdistan on the right to self-determination within the framework of this voluntary partnership between Kurds and Arabs in Iraq, noting that this partnership has always threatened to secede unilaterally.” Shabandar described the partnership as “a temporary partnership, purpose complete what may be supplemented by elements of the Declaration of the State of Kurdistan.” Asked whether there was a timeframe for that, Shabandar said: “The Kurds is impossible for secession, but they are faced with two choices, either to stay within the framework of partnership with Iraq or enrollment in Turkey, where the implications of what is happening in the region began to affect in this direction, although Massoud Barzani now has chosen alternative for the Kurdish people, a partnership with Turkey as an alternative for the Arabs of Iraq. ”