Battat: I have information that al-Qaeda will blow up in Baghdad next week

Battat: I’m ready to reconcile with the uncontrolled and I have information that al-Qaeda will blow up in Baghdad next week

16/02/2013 (23:00 pm)

Baghdad / term Press

Detection secretary general of the Iraqi Hezbollah confident Battat, on Wednesday, he received information that the structure of al-Qaeda and the Army Naqshbandi and the army free to carry out attacks in the capital Baghdad next week, and called on the government to impose a curfew to prevent it, while stressing that he was ready to reconcile with the government and open the door negotiate with.
Said Battat in an interview (range Press) is the first since the news that talked about leaving Iraq, said that “Hezbollah has information that the structure base and the army a free and Army Naqshbandi implementation attacks on citizens during the next week,” noting that “this information reached the factions Party by citizens and Sunni brothers living in the capital, Baghdad. ”
Battat said, “and call on the Iraqi government to impose a curfew on Sunday to control the security situation and to prevent the implementation of these attacks,” he said, adding that “Hezbollah and selected army ready to cooperate with the security agencies in the fight against terrorism.”
The secretary general of Hezbollah, “readiness of the party and the army chosen to engage in a process of national reconciliation with the Iraqi government and open negotiations on this matter,” pointing out that “the Army selected popular army does not carry weapons outside the law.”
Battat criticized “issue a warrant for his arrest by the Iraqi judiciary without being summoned to a question about the reasons for the arrest,” noting that “the Iraqi judiciary in which problematic is issuing arrest without allowing the accused to defend himself.”
Promised Battat “talking about traveling outside Iraq an attempt to disguise the current whereabouts,” noting that “the disguised so close to him on his whereabouts.”
The statement Battat is the first of its kind since the news of his escape out of Iraq on the tenth of February current after the issuance of an arrest warrant against him on the background of the chosen form an army.
The army spokesman Mukhtar Abdullah Rikabi announced (February 10, 2013) that the founder of the Army Secretary General of Hezbollah – a renaissance Iraq confident Battat left to Syria against the backdrop of the arrest warrant issued against him, but he retracted saying stressing that Battat in Najaf for treatment, revealing that more than a million volunteers who have in the army so far.
The Iraqi List, announced on the same day, the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Iraq and confident Battat been smuggled to Syria, requesting the judiciary to issue arrest warrants against him, while the source confirmed that Battat left in (February 9, 2012), accompanied by six people crossing the newborn.
The head of the Iraqi government and the Minister of the Interior agency Nuri al-Maliki had demanded in a statement on 02/09/2013 citizens in cooperation with the security services and reporting on the whereabouts of the Secretary General of Hezbollah – a renaissance Iraq confident Battat, to arrest him as soon as possible, accusing him of fomenting “sectarian sedition “Through the formation of (Army chosen).
And came Maliki’s call for reporting on the whereabouts of al-Battat, after less than 24 hours to declare the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Iraq, Friday (eighth of February 2013), he is still in Baghdad despite arrest warrants issued against him by the head of government and threats Ministry Interior, while revealed that “large numbers” of followers (the Mahdi Army) joined the Army Mukhtar, army spokesman confirmed that the number of recruits for the army “exceeded 800 thousand people.”
The government source earlier, it was revealed, the sixth of February 2013, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has instructed the security forces arrested the Secretary General of Hezbollah – the Islamic Renaissance confident Battat on the back of announcing the formation of the “Army of the chosen” and a threat to peace NCB. As received the Interior Ministry in a strongly worded statement issued on the fifth of February 2013, and threatened to “take deterrent measures” against him, against the backdrop of announcing the formation of (Army chosen), also confirmed that it will deter anyone who tries a rift in the national fabric, usually Announcing the formation of this army “just attempts to confirm media presence.”
But Battat did not care for the threats internal and returned and announced earlier, in an interview to the (long-Presse) that refusal to recognize a (Army chosen) is unjustified, accusing Iraqi security services inability to protect citizens, also accused al-Maliki, to “fabricate political crises” , and “overtaking on the judiciary,” stressing that “the Baath Party” was running the political process in Iraq.
Battat was, he declared, on the fourth of February, 2013, for the formation of militia (army chosen) to support the government in the fight against terrorism and the terrorist group and protect Shiites, stressing that he did not need to take the green light from the government in order to establish a militia.
The earlier announcement Battat many reactions deplorable and some by individuals close to the government, while the promised Iraqi List blueprint of Prime Minister himself for sedition in the country, citing the “ignore Maliki” for its Shiite groups armed, warning that it would pay a lot Sunni groups of anti-al-Battat.
And accuse the party of being involved in several armed operations which witnessed the country, and was admitted to the Secretary general of the party publicly responsibility direct bombing Port Mubarak of Kuwait rocket in August of 2011, also admitted to the organization “Knights of the rule of law” WIN in the State of Law coalition headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
The Iraqi Hezbollah elements of which are believed to be trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is active since 2006 that the Shiites are marginalized in Iraq and that the current government with Shi’ite they did not give them all their rights.