Barzani: We will not retreat from our rights and our relationship with Baghdad getting worse every year

Barzani: We will not retreat from our rights and our relationship with Baghdad getting worse every year

Tuesday, 04 March / March 2014 16:54

Barzani: We will not retreat from our rights and our relationship with Baghdad getting worse every year[Erbil – where]

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani: “We will not retreat to the back and can not waive our rights of natural resources.”

A statement of the provincial government received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for Barzani said in his speech during the forum Sulaymaniyah the second organized by the American University of Iraq Sulaimaniya today in which he discussed the future of Iraq and the relations of the region with the federal government “clearly we are in the region are worried about the future of Iraq, and we are concerned in our relations with the federal government. ”

“We are partners in this country and partners in the federal government, but we unfortunately We are desperately feeling disappointed about the federal government’s method of dealing with the constitutional rights of the province.”

He continued, Barzani “during the period of ten years from the liberation of Iraq, we find that the problems between us year after year is moving towards the worst, and we heard a lot of times direct threats, and that these actions do not serve the understanding between us, and it can not be a sound basis for finding appropriate solutions in the context of Constitution in our country, like any other component of, we are partners in this nation, we sacrifice and we will continue to sacrifice in order to ensure the provision of security in Iraq, and for the political ladder and economic development and to ensure the stability and we will continue now also in discussions with Baghdad in order to reach common solutions to our problems “.

With regard to natural resources, said the Prime Minister of the region, “We consider the utilization of natural resources in this region right of our constitutional rights, and in this context also made it clear to all parties that we are not going to back to back and can not waive our rights and what we seek and we hope for is understanding and joint action Under the Constitution, not on the basis of personal Mzajat and seek to monopolize power, adopted a system and the central authority, and this is also the basis of work and our relationships with the government in Baghdad and with all stakeholders and parties in Iraq. ”

Barzani stressed at the same time that “the relations of the Kurdistan region with various stakeholders is not at the expense of any other party and will not be part of the conflict, but we are working to achieve stability and mutual understanding, and at the same time working to protect the interests of the people of Kurdistan.”

Regarding the efforts to form a new government in the region, explained Prime Minister-designate Barzani “We are now in the Kurdistan region in the process of forming a new cab for the Kurdistan Regional Government with all political forces in the region, and we are still continuing in our discussions and in the exchange of ideas and views with the parties and the political parties in Kurdistan” .

“We are working to establish a government lineup with a base and broad participation involving all political forces has been a question in need of a lot of time but we have made remarkable progress in the way of its announcement.”

And between Barzani “We want to be the region in the next four years, a safe and stable internally, we want to be involved all the political forces in the governance and development of this region and work together and jointly to develop a democratic system in the region, and this is what made the talks with all political parties to take a long time to reach results live up to the demands and interests of the people of Kurdistan. ” End