Barzani: Maliki’s biggest problem for Ebadi and there is no real army, no loyalty in a country called Iraq

Barzani: Maliki’s biggest problem for Ebadi and there is no real army, no loyalty in a country called Iraq

Posted 31/01/2015 07:39 AM

Barzani - Maliki biggest problem for Ebadi and there is no real army no loyalty in a country called IraqPrime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Barzani warned that the air strikes launched by the international coalition to organize Daash alone is not enough, despite what has been achieved victories and expect not to start a campaign to restore the Iraqi city of Mosul before the autumn.

In an interview Barzani said that the prospects for the defeat of the militant group is limited in light of the raging civil war in Syria and the absence of an effective Iraqi military force on the ground as well as the lack of gear suffered by Kurdish peshmerga forces.

He added that the current US strategy will lead to a better appreciation to contain Daash organization which enjoys a thorough structural system and will continue to threaten the region and the world for years.

Barzani. He said, “This is a long war. In control of more than 15 million people in Iraq and Syria.”

“It was Daash contain and control it now but it is still capable of launching attacks.”

He went on, saying, “They are organized and have the ability to recruit from all over the world. This organization was established structure in a manner to ensure his safety.”

He added that addressing Daash campaign initiated by a coalition led by the United States last year, relying on air strikes without a commitment to deploy ground troops will not come out militants from strongholds such as Mosul, which lies just 80 kilometers from Erbil.

He added: “We definitely can not destroy this organization airstrikes alone … to destroy this organization, we need to special forces. Not ordinary soldiers on the ground, but a joint military operations and fighting alongside the Peshmerga.”

. He said, “We do not want the Kurds are top of any assault to retake Mosul. We want to avoid further conflict.”

Barzani stressed that the timetable for a campaign of this type will depend on the restoration of the Iraqi army, which collapsed last summer while stormed organization Daash Mosul and swept through large parts of northern Iraq from the building.

He said “there is no real Iraqi army capable of get the job done. This needs time. We have to be realistic.”

When asked about plans talked about Iraqi and US officials to crack down on the connector by June, Barzani said, “certainly not in March. June .. I doubt this, too.”

He said that “the end of September or October,” a more realistic date for an attack. Barzani and linking campaign Baghdad’s ability to train a sufficient number of soldiers to allow the Army to move the top two divisions to the north and has to leave the current their mission of protecting the capital.

He continued, saying that the organization of the Islamic State “well trained and gets a well-funded and able to recruit the number he wants. He also has fighters ready to die.”

He said that the elimination of the threat posed by jihadist organization requires giving priority to close the border between Iraq and Syria tightly and deny militants freedom of movement between the two countries.

“But while solving the Syrian issue and should not be destroyed Daash an easy task.”

Barzani described the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi as a “pragmatic”. And compare between him and his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, who threw Barzani blamed the policies in arousing the anger of the year through the monopoly of power and allow for the emergence of an Islamic state.

But he said the room for maneuver is limited to Ebadi Maliki, who has compared the influence of base Mhalih.oadhav “The biggest problem for Ebadi is Nuri al-Maliki.”

He said that Iraq who suffer the scourge of sectarian conflict since the US-led invasion in 2003, the United States is no longer a country Mouhda.utaba saying “no loyalty in a country called Iraq”.

“It’s really important to find a formula for how to live together within the boundaries of the so-called Iraq. Unless this is to find a formula Vsarac more blood and the country will remain a destabilizing factor in the region.”