Barzani demanded written guarantees Maliki to resolve the crisis

Barzani demanded written guarantees Maliki to resolve the crisis

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Baghdad / Orr News

A leading figure prominent Kurdish for the meeting which brought together Barzani and the delegation of the Dawa Party, failed to reach real results could open the horizon to solve what about the ongoing political crisis between Barzani and Maliki, after demanding regional president and a delegation invited guarantees written and real-Maliki as a first for the approval of a dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.

The leader of the Kurdish, who requested anonymity, said President Barzani spoke with the delegation partisan about the history of his relationship personal and political Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and how it was set aside confidentiality agreements and public earlier, and repudiation of the promises made Aban formation of a government of national partnership, and it was time to put end to this policy, which cost the province and the federal government a lot of effort and money and big differences.

According to Kurdish leader, told Barzani delegation, saying: If there were not real guarantees implementation Mantfq it there is no point of meetings continuing between the parties preconditions Kurdish clear and demands known President Maliki If there is real guarantees I with continued dialogue and only the survival of this case with President Maliki best of continuation of dialogues sterile.