Banks and civil officials invest idle funds projects

Banks and civil officials invest idle funds projects

Created on Tuesday, 29 October 1 / Okrudolf 2013 12:39

Banks and civil officials invest idle funds projectsBaghdad / Orr News

Informed political sources revealed the involvement of government institutions in a major corruption cases run by private banks through the use of project funds broken through the operation of the market to achieve significant benefits, describing such practices as financial corruption operations in Iraq’s history of the region.

The sources informed that “some private banks manages the largest operations of financial corruption through the exploitation of public money and private deposits projects broken up and running in the market taking advantage of those entities of interest, confirming the existence of files reveal these irregularities and large that talk about the billions of dollars transferred to these banks is dedicated to the hundreds of projects that are still disabled.

The sources revealed the involvement and the involvement of government institutions also in corruption run by private banks as a result of their contribution to disrupt the implementation of those projects in exchange for a percentage of the benefits in the process is the largest practices of financial corruption in the history of Iraq and the Arab governments as well, according to the plan.

According to sources, the initial investigations revealed the existence of mafia led by two Navman in the prime minister and the cleric “senior” of the component Sunni, manages operations of corruption in the government and private banks through the manipulation of millions of dollars to the attention of regulators that do not move a finger being part of the system of corruption.

The sources said that “the government and private banks are at the disposal of three people, two of them تابعان for cabin prime minister, and the third cleric Iraqi Sunni very prominent and heads the organ important religious,” indicating that “Hola people run indirectly mafia economic organization and has organized programs manipulating millions dollars. ” The sources acknowledged the “difficult to detect these practices at the high tolerance by regulators that are supposed to be struggling like so cases of corruption, but in fact part of a system of corruption mentioned.”