Baghdad has 23-hour electricity for the first time in 10 years

Baghdad has 23-hour electricity for the first time in 10 years

Monday / 10.29.2012

Babylonian News / Baghdad

Electricity Ministry announced on Monday, for the processing of the capital Baghdad powered for 23 hours and the provinces more than 18 hours, the highest percentage recorded 10 years ago, stressing at the same time introducing additional energies to the system over the next two months.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher “,” The average number of hours of processing power for the city of Baghdad was about 23 hours a day, while the processing provinces between 18 and 23 hours, “indicating that” the increase is the first taking place in Iraq ten years ago. ”

The teacher added that “hours of processing in the provinces of Mosul, Kirkuk and Basra reached 22 hours a day, while the hours of processing in Diwaniyah, Samawah and Karbala, 18 hours a day, and in Diyala and Anbar, 20 hours a day.”

He attributed the teacher increase in hours of processing to “stabilize a system the national electricity and low loads, although the exit of some units obstetric work,” explaining that “a number of units obstetric went to work for the purposes of maintenance, including units in stations session steam and Musayyib steam and Peggy Steam, in addition to the fall of the towers belonging of the high-pressure line (subphylum door Zubair), due to dust storms that occurred in Basra. ”

The teacher that “peak load electric power throughout Iraq reached up to 8150 MW, while the demand for electric power ten thousand and 500 MW,” stressing that “the ministry will energies additional to the system through units obstetric new during the months of November and December I next, along with the first four months of 2013, to reach the productive capacity of the national energy system at the end of the month of April of the next year, 2013, to 12 thousand and 500 MW. ”

The deputy prime minister for energy Hussain al-Shahristani announced, in (25 March 2011), that Iraq will be issued electricity to neighboring countries during the next year 2013, indicating that the production of electrical energy are processed for the citizens during the next summer will arrive to 9000 MW, and will arrive during the next year to 20 thousand megawatts.

And previously confirmed by the Ministry of Electricity, the beginning of February 2012, the electricity crisis will dramatically over the next two years, as pointed out that the reality of power will improve significantly next summer, pointing to the completion of the final assessment line (based Tim 400 KV) under which the link Iraq’s national electricity system Syrian electricity system, as a prelude to import energy by linking eight.

Iraq currently imports electricity from Iran by 1000 MW across four lines are the first line of Kermanshah – Diyala line Serpil Zahab – Khanaqin line Abadan – Basra, and كرخة line – Building and fed these provinces through high-pressure power lines, as well as 100 megawatts of Turkey.

Indeed, Iraq has a shortage of electricity since the beginning of 1990, and increased hours rationing electricity after 2003 in Baghdad and the provinces, because made a lot of stations in addition to the sabotage of facilities over the past five years, where increased hours without electricity citizens to about twenty hours per day, increasing people’s dependence on small power generators.