Announcing the formation of the “United Arab” bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial Council

Announcing the formation of the “United Arab” bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial Council

2023-12-31 01:26

Announcing the formation of the United Arab bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial CouncilShafaq News/ It was announced today, Sunday, the formation of the “United Arab” bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial Council, which includes the winners of the local elections from the people of the component.

The bloc was formed from the three alliances: the “Arab” alliance, the “Leadership” alliance, and the “Arabism” alliance.

This was announced by the Governor of Kirkuk and the agency of the head of the “Arab” coalition, Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri, in a statement read via a video recording in the presence of the winners of the component in the recent provincial council elections.

Al-Jubouri said, “We announce the formation of the Arab bloc in the Kirkuk Provincial Council to preserve the rights of our voters and achieve peaceful coexistence among all components.”

The results of the Kirkuk local elections resulted in the victory of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (Kirkuk Our Strength and Our Will) list with (5) seats, the Kurdistan Democratic Party with two seats, the Arab Alliance in Kirkuk with (3) seats, the United Iraqi Turkmen Front with two seats, the Leadership Alliance with two seats, and the Pan-Arabism Alliance. One seat, while the candidate (Emile Boutros Constantine Ibrahim Agha) won the Christian quota seat.

Kirkuk is one of the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad covered by Article 140 of the Constitution, and it was subject to a joint authority between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government before the independence referendum held by the region in September 2017.

Article 140 stipulates the removal of demographic policies conducted by Saddam Hussein’s regime in the disputed areas in favor of the Arabs at the expense of the Kurds, and then a census of the population before the final step, which is holding a referendum according to which the population determines whether they wish to join the Kurdistan Region or remain under the administration of Baghdad.

The implementation stages of the article were scheduled to be completed by the end of 2007, but security and political problems prevented this

In 2019, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that Article (140) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq remains in force, stressing that this continues until its requirements are implemented and the goal of its legislation is achieved.