Analysts: F-16 has changed the rules of the game

Analysts: F-16 has changed the rules of the game


Analysts - F-16 has changed the rules of the gameLanded at the military base country on Monday (July 13) four warplanes type of Live 16 is the first installment of the total 36 aircraft Iraq contracted to purchase from the United States years ago is that the delivery process has been slow.

Announced the commander of Air Force pilot team corner Anwar Hamad Amin said Wednesday that the aircraft started its first training sorties in preparation for their participation in the ongoing military operations against militants organize Daash.

Amin was quoted as telling reporters that the aircraft will participate actively in the battles in a matter of days and stressed that its role would be a big hit in the Daash to regulate targets in the framework of liberalization of Anbar and the rest of the regulated areas of operations.

He predicted, AFP news agency in a report broadcast by the arrival of the aircraft that the aircraft will not much affect the rules of the game in Iraq.

But expert strategic Ahmad Sharifi said that receipt of this aircraft is important and good .. but there must also be a good management of operations in order to be to its existence and its role effectively impact.

Retired Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf emphasized is the importance of the other aircraft are to be delivered to Iraq.

As political analyst Ihsan al-Shammari said that the delivery of 16 aircraft Live to Iraq at this particular time brought several letters to Iraq and to other parties.

The first message that the United States keep its promises to its allies.

The second message, it is that they want to tip the military forces on the popular crowd, in the opinion of al-Shammari.

There is also a third message you want the US administration delivered the opinion of al-Shammari , but this time to the American home, referring to the conflict between the Democrats and Republicans and to the accusations leveled at President Barack Obama’s administration of dragging its feet in assisting the Iraqi army.

Shammari also said the United States also wants to participate actively in the victories achieved by Iraqi forces against al Daash but without engaging in combat operations on the ground.

Pilots are trained to Live 16

The number of Iraqi pilots received training courses in the United States to be able to lead the Live 16 aircraft, including the pilot Brigadier Mohammed Monitor friend who lost his life during a training mission in Arizona in the twenty-fourth of June, when his plane crashed.

It was found on the body of the pilot, but in the twenty-seventh of June, while the United States said it would start an investigation into the causes of the accident.

US embassy qualified pilot and described him brave and offered condolences to Iraq with the Iraqi Defense Ministry he said that Brigadier General pilot joined up with the martyrs and said Iraq’s ambassador to the United States Lukman Faili experts and competent authorities are carrying out investigation to find out the causes of the crash and that Tsiqa being with them in this regard.

The slowness with which accompanied the delivery of 16 aircraft Live to Iraq pushed Iraq to the use of Russia and Iran for the purpose of obtaining military air support, which came in the form of Sukhoi aircraft in order to meet the organization Daash which currently controls large parts of Iraq attacks.

This is the Life-16 aircraft of the most advanced fighter jets in the world and can be used in any weather and gusts of up to 200 km per hour and had previously used by the United States in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 as used in the international coalition strikes against al Daash currently.