America is considering launching a retaliatory attack in Libya

America is considering launching a retaliatory attack in Libya


Palm – revealed “New York Times” that Washington looking to launch a retaliatory attack in Libya in the wake of the attack on its consulate in Benghazi, east of the country on September 11 last year, and killing the U.S. ambassador and others.

The newspaper reported that a possible attack targeting units hostages or arrest murder suspects, noting that preparations are still at a very advanced stage, where the newspaper reported based on a government official that he has not yet taken any decision on that process.

The U.S. president Barack Obama vowed after the attack on the consulate hold accountable those responsible and American intelligence believes that the perpetrators of the attack “militants” have possible links to al-Qaeda.

The newspaper added that Obama has multiple options for the implementation of the process of possible reprisals in Libya, including attack by drones or use special units, as happened in the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan last year, or the implementation of joint operations with units Libyan, indicating that Each option carries risks a major political and military.
Source: nakhelnews