Allawi rejected a U.S. offer to succeed Talabani

Allawi rejected a U.S. offer to succeed Talabani


Palm – denied the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi sought to assume the post of president of the country instead of Jalal Talabani, who is receiving treatment in a German hospital.

The list of Iraq’s leadership and unit Jumaili: No thinking of this kind at all, Allawi did not ask to get the job, and the U.S. side offered him the command and interviewed categorically reject.

Also revealed Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq representative of the Iraqi Committee of Five costly given to meet the demands of the demonstrators to reach agreement to amend the law of accountability and justice for the procedures de outlawed Baath party.

He said in a statement to the “homeland”: most of what has been reached is that the body work is terminated before the legislative elections in the next year to avoid the mistakes of previous deprived hundreds of candidates from running in the election process for reasons of ablation procedures.

He noted that the Committee discussed the contentious issues on the amnesty law as a prelude to passed by the House of Representatives as soon as possible as one of the demands of the demonstrators, as well as the release of the property of former members of the Baath Party and officials of the former regime.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee of Five includes representatives of the Iraqi List and national coalitions and Kurdistan, was formed after the outbreak of the protests, to consider the demands of the protesters that fall within the powers of parliament.