Al-Sudani will stay in America for a week.. A source from Baghdad and another from Washington reveal the agenda

Al-Sudani will stay in America for a week.. A source from Baghdad and another from Washington reveal the agenda


Al-Sudani will stay in America for a week.. A source from Baghdad and another from Washington reveal the agendaBaghdad – 964
Two Iraqi and American sources said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will spend a week in the United States, including discussions with President Joe Biden, and a tour of 3 states.

The Iraqi government source confirmed to the 964 network that Al-Sudani will hold meetings with businessmen, and will be accompanied by Iraqi bank officials.

Informed sources said that the Iraqi bankers who obtained an American visa hope to cancel or ease sanctions on Iraqi banks, and they expect to hear something about this when they attend a meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Treasury.

Politically, there is no change on the Sudanese agenda, and the political file will remain the transformation of the military mission of the American forces, within the framework of the international coalition, into a “security partnership” with Washington that includes armament and training, and the file of disputes between Baghdad and Erbil will also be on the table.

However, there has been a slight change, and Al-Sudani will discuss with Biden the possibility of an Iranian response to the bombing of Tehran’s consulate in Mezze.

A source told the 964 Network that Biden will clarify the red lines related to the Iranian threat against Israel.

The American press does not expect “a violent response from Iran against Israel,” and CNN said that Iran may be content with sanctions from the Security Council, while information was circulated regarding “Israel’s acceptance of an Iranian response that can be accommodated if it is limited.”

An American diplomatic source for the 964 Network:
The Iraqi Prime Minister’s plane will land in Washington at a specific time on Sunday, April 13.

The Sudanese visit lasts a week and includes 3 American states.

We learned that an important part of the government delegation will be allocated to senior officials at the Central Bank and bank managers, and they will have technical meetings at the Ministry of Treasury.

Iraq has been a mediator over the past few days in attempts to calm the situation and restrain Iran from carrying out a retaliatory reaction after the bombing of its consulate in Syria. There was contact between Minister Fouad Hussein and his Iranian counterpart, and a message in this regard reached Tehran.

I do not think that the Iranian escalation against the backdrop of the bombing of the consulate in the Mezzeh neighborhood in Syria will take up a large part in the Sudanese-Biden meeting, but they will discuss the matter, and the (American) president will clarify the red lines in this crisis.

An Iraqi government source for the 964 Network:
Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will put the issue of activating the framework agreement at the top of the visit’s agenda.

Through this visit, Iraq seeks to move from the security and military aspects with Washington to cooperation in various other fields, economically and politically.

The Sudanese will work to restore balance and strengthen the partnership between the two countries, through a commitment to cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations in multiple fields such as the economic, financial, educational and development aspects.

Another file that Al-Sudani seeks to discuss is the issue of building strong economic partnerships between Iraq and the United States, especially in the areas of trade and investment.

Aqeel Abbas – political and academic researcher, 964 Network:
Al-Sudani’s visit to Washington takes place in accordance with the strategic framework agreement, which includes 8 areas of cooperation between Washington and Baghdad, namely military and security cooperation, economic, political, cultural, and others.

The most prominent file that will be strongly discussed is the file of arming and training Iraqi forces by the American side.

The discussions will also focus on protecting the American missions in Iraq, and the role of the factions and Iran in the country.

Washington will express its concern about the leakage of some advanced weapons from Iraq to Iran and will discuss this issue and ways to limit this.

The visit will be different, especially in the energy file, and the Iraqi delegation will include Iraqi businessmen in order to hold discussions with American businessmen regarding such files.

During the meetings with officials, the Prime Minister will focus on the economic aspect, because this will serve his ministerial program and his electoral political project.

The framework forces and the Iranian side support this visit because it will demonstrate American support for the Sudanese government, and this serves them at all levels.

Banking reform is the most important file for the American side, and the Sudanese government has taken many steps regarding this file in implementation of Washington’s calls and demands.

Al-Nasser Duraid – political analyst, 964 Network:
According to the information available so far, the details of the agenda are mostly related to the Iraqi side, more than the regional situation.

Iraq will discuss several files, most notably the issue of banks sanctioned by Washington, as well as the possibility of Iraq playing a mediation role between Washington and Tehran.

The problems between Baghdad and Erbil will be on the negotiating table by the American side.

Washington will discuss the presence of factions in Iraq that are working to target American bases and control their movement by the Baghdad government.

All visits between Baghdad and Washington after 2003 did not change any reality in Iraq because they were protocol and nothing more.

The Coordination Framework forces hope that the Sudanese government will be accepted by the American side.

The visit will not discuss the truce between the factions and the Americans in Iraq, but rather it will discuss Iran’s role and influence in Iraq.