Al-Abbadi Office issues a clarification on the 2018 budget

Al-Abbadi Office issues a clarification on the 2018 budget

2017/11/01 15:00

Al-Abbadi Office issues a clarification on the 2018 budgetBaghdad today – Baghdad

The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, Saad al-Hadithi, on Wednesday, that the talk rolling in the media on the draft federal budget law of the country for the year 2018, speculation is inaccurate.

Al-Hadithi said in an exclusive interview (Baghdad today) that “the draft budget law is still in the Council of Ministers subject to discussion and study, and approached the final stages.”

“We hope that he will be sent to the House of Representatives in the near future,” he said, adding that “the figures presented in the media speculation is inaccurate, and that it is correct is adjustable.”

He explained that “the draft of the draft is subject to amendment by the House of Representatives in the event of access to the corridors of Parliament and discussed,” and on reducing the share of Kurdistan to 12%, of the budget, said Hadithi that “talk about these figures speculation is inaccurate.”

Documents leaked to the budget of 2018 showed a proposal to calculate the proportion of 12.67% of the federal budget for the Kurdistan region, the cancellation of the previous rate and estimated at 17% with the imposition of conditions could reduce the proportion of receipts received in the event of disruption of the volume of oil exports fixed in the budget proposal 2018.

The official told the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Adel Murad earlier that talk about reducing the budget of the Kurdistan region for 12% is unacceptable.

Murad said in an interview with (Baghdad today) that “intransigence in taking decisions and escalating positions does not serve the stability of the country and resolve the complex crisis between the federal government and the provincial government.”

He stressed that “Baghdad should not take decisions from the door of the strong and victorious because the Kurdish people is an Iraqi people in the end and if there are political differences should not be reflected on the lives of citizens of the region.”

He pointed out that “talking about reducing budget rates to 12% is unacceptable to us because it is less than the maturity of the region, especially that over the past years have been cutting the region’s shares of food, white oil, medicines and others and stop construction and reconstruction in the cities of the region because of the crisis.”

“Baghdad should try to embrace everyone and all these problems can be resolved in the budget, resources and others, but with the agreement of all parties and not by one party.”