Adnan Aldenbos: Maliki government “fragile” and change is possible

Adnan Aldenbos: Maliki government “fragile” and change became possible

Date: 20/11/2012 13:13:25 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. The leader of the / Iraqi List / Adnan Aldenbos, that the current crisis is not born of the moment, but caused by accumulations consecutive years have brought the case to what it is now of the conflict, noting that the current government “fragile”, and change became possible .
added Aldenbos (of the Agency news): that the Iraqi List is working strongly now under planning is based on the bypass cons previous stage to change things in the next election or means other constitutional كسحب confidence and push for reform in agreement with the national forces other private Kurds and the Sadrists and the Supreme Council. explained : that the first mistakes was the formation of the government and government quotas sectarian and nationalist, followed months after interim government and other transition after nine months and pressed strongly to write a constitution full of loopholes and ambiguities, even elections dominated by fraud in December 2005 what drag the country to the conditions of serious security and make it an arena for schemes countries neighborhood. confirmed: that the Western countries that came to democracy to Iraq and stood idly in front of what happened in the 2010 elections and turned the table to support the Government of “fragile” and made the country an arena for qualifying Regional and conflict between the U.S. and Iran, and continued: and left Iraq under the rule and control of running the country randomly, but Another type is very different from democracy which cracked foundations. / end / 4. n. p /