Abadi: not only by arming the government and the Congress over the proposal divisions of the region

Abadi: not only by arming the government and the Congress over the proposal divisions of the region [expanded]

4.29.2015 17:58

Abadi - not only by arming the government and the Congress over the proposal divisions of the region[Baghdad-where]
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the Iraqi government’s rejection of a proposed bill in the US Congress arming the Peshmerga and the Sunni tribes in isolation from Baghdad.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it “at a time when the Iraqi government welcomes the efforts of all countries that stand by Iraq in its war against Daash terrorist gangs and give him military aid, we assure everyone that dealing with the Iraqi government was and still is clear with respect for Iraqi sovereignty, which is set by the government within the maxims and persistent assurances in talks with these countries and there is no deal double with by foreign parties. ”
He stressed that “any arming will not be only by the Iraqi government, according to put the military plans.”
He pointed out that “the Iraqi government confirms that Iraq with all its components and Akulaiath faces terrorist Daash gangs, and facts have proved that all these components continue to fight for the liberation of all Iraqi territory from Daash gangs and restore the displaced to their areas and the restoration of normal life in light of the government jointly by everyone in the remodeled and that there are many victories have been achieved thanks to the cohesion and we are moving Bmarkina fair to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq. ”
He said that “the proposed draft law in the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Congress rejected and lead to further divisions in the region and call not to proceed with it.”
held Now the US Congress its has his agenda includes a vote on a proposal submitted by a member of the Foreign Relations Committee for the Republican Party [Mac Thorbara] provides for the provision of military aid worth $ 715 million to the Iraqi army and other forces associated with the Iraqi government, to go 25 per cent of them to the Peshmerga, and Sunni tribes.
The draft resolution refers to the possibility of providing the Peshmerga and the Sunni tribal aid directly if the Iraqi government has not fulfilled its obligations under the draft resolution.
The proposal imposes conditions on Baghdad in exchange for this assistance, most notably that the Iraqi government give minorities is Shiite role in the leadership of the country within three months after the adoption of the law and put an end to Baghdad to support the militias, otherwise, it will freeze 75 percent of aid to Baghdad, and sending more than 60 percent of them directly to the Kurds and Sunnis.
For its part, in the first response to the United States for this proposal the spokesman said on behalf of its embassy in Iraq Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement received [where] a copy of which was that “the United States policy toward Iraq has not changed, and we support and we support a united Iraq,” stressing that “all the support and aid and military equipment provided by the US government to be delivered to the Iraqi government and security forces Iraqi. ”
He said the “project is not based on state laws, does not reflect the policy positions of the United States,” stressing that “President Barack Obama is responsible for the foreign policy of the United States of America.”
raised the draft resolution outrage in political circles in Iraq since it considered forces Parliamentary issued a condemnation of data, that the draft resolution violates Iraqi sovereignty, and ignores the will of the people Alaraca.anthy