Abadi: No economic crisis in Iraq and are committed to the formation of the National Guard

Abadi: No economic crisis in Iraq and are committed to the formation of the National Guard during the six months [Expanded]

Saturday,  31  / January 2015 11:54

Abadi - No economic crisis in Iraq and are committed to the formation of the National Guard[Baghdad-where]

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday that there is no economic crisis, but the country is witnessing a financial crisis, adding that the government was committed to the formation of the National Guard during the six months.

Ebadi said in his speech to the National Conference of dialogue between religions and sects, which was held in Baghdad today that “fierce attack against the Islamic religion calls for pause for real groups clarify that represent the biggest danger to the Muslims and peaceful coexistence between religions and sects, and that the ideal response can be in the unity of word position, and that does not mean cancel our privacy and what we are used it because the joint largest such determination and principles, faith, humanity and unity means adhering to privacy and diversity, is the bug for long and not for the rivalry and out of religion and human consensus need a unified position and that the challenge is still a serious must hold plans for us. ”

He Abadi “We respect freedom of opinion and expression and the thought of disgracing the Prophet can not be coverage for freedom of thought and expression, perhaps bad word in the bad place often more dangerous than the bullet and sedition tougher than murder infringement sanctuaries can not be accepted, so call for blasphemy and religions and what I did this anomalous group for securities mixing, and we should not fall into this error through the distinction between freedom of expression and thought, scientists and thinkers respect the opinions of others and terrorism the most dangerous on the Islamic religion, which calls for dialogue may not impose religion on the other, can not be embrace religions, but cohesion. ”

He said: “We in Iraq are facing a serious challenge on the military side, Fdaash I used the sanctities of Iraqis attacked the minority, because they claim to keep the Sunnis, Daash devastating and destructive thought, and we have to be careful and sensitized not to fall into the trap of atopic draw Daash, and we do not want the death without the basis of justice but not revenge, and live challenge even in areas liberated from Daash, the punishment due to these groups on the basis of law and justice, which may not be filtering between tribal groups, we will not allow to waive the law and sanctities. ”

And Abadi said, “We should not allow assaulting others Valmatdan rights violators from Iraqi society and do not represent the crowd and the army, they are criminals carry out agendas rhythm among Iraqis, and are no less dangerous than terrorism, was the elimination of a lot of these gangs,” he said, adding that “the assault on the sanctity of the citizens in the liberated areas of Daash tougher terrorism, “calling on politicians and preachers to” moderation and not to pour oil on the fire and get away from the agitation, as the incitement part of the crime. ”

He Abadi hope that “the speech is official, if that word wrong shell unguided cause injury of many innocent people,” pointing out that “the enemy has a criminal ideas backward and we also should not underestimate them and underestimate dangerous the and we continue the way for dispelling them from Iraq, we have the elements of the military victory, the more cooperative approach of the country’s liberation from Daash. ”

And went on, “We salute the army and the police forces of the brave fighters who sacrifice the popular crowd, which includes all Iraqis, and their willingness to defend their homeland and their holy places and unite them with the armed and security forces, there is a wrap and synergy represents the popular crowd, so it was removed fighters crowd, the army and the police who defend the country and Ntrahm all the martyrs.” .

With regard to the general budget of al-Abadi said, “I thank all the MPs and politicians who contributed to the adoption of the budget in record time, and that the state has the independence, all the power is sponsoring the interest of the country,” adding that “there is a government platform and software, was the basis for the formation of the government,” adding “I am committed to each vertebrae government program and claimed political blocs to abide by the government curriculum and claimed ministers to be approved all the paragraphs of the government curriculum, and not be undone and the meeting to change something in the program is consensual, “adding,” We’ve accomplished all assigned paragraphs have the right to disagree with in-laws Details continued to install ” , asserting that “the government’s commitment to the formation of the National Guard during the six months.”

He pointed out that “there is a financial problem, and we have no economic crisis threatening the country and that Iraq powerful capabilities of its people and we have the ability and potential, which is enough for us to generations,” explaining that “the crisis of cash, which does not suffice all the expenses that we need and causes low watchings oil to 40 %, and the collapse of revenue caused a cash crunch, but this government is keen after approving the budget to meet the basic amounts and priorities, “noting that” spending will be limited to essential, and not neglect the weak and the poor in the society of Health and the wounded hand of the armed forces and the popular crowd, and the provision of basic sustenance, So must cooperate and not contradict each other for some of the other, the Union and we have to assign the weak and the poor Iraqi people, and all of the location, potentially responsibility. ”

Abadi said that “the economic situation of the country’s solid and can cross the crisis without losses, and can identify targets, the Iraqi state and the rationalization of spending, and put half the salaries of the prime minister saving coercion even circulate.”

With regard to the expansion of provincial powers, Abadi said, “He said in the central administration we have given powers to the provinces of our country we respect all the powers and we believe that the power of the state to give powers to the provinces and we consider the strength of Iraq and the imposition on others drives them to the separation and that there is considerable interest in cooperation,” noting that “we We took a group decisions on reforms are not irreversible and are moving in the work and we will come out of this challenge, and this is a big challenge. ”

Regarding the security situation, Abadi pointed out that “guerrilla terrorist Daash attacked yesterday blather, Kirkuk and some areas of the country and Baghdad, and we have to stay united and polite in eliminating Daash by insisting on the application of the government curriculum and our determination to fight the terrorists, the military and security aspects and confine our enemy.”

He explained that “our cooperation accelerates the timings, through speed up to speed, the enactment of legislation and a measure of unity and building on religious and ideological, military and social aspects and components of society and the relations between the provinces and the cooperation between the division of resources, ratios and water we can unite to cross this dangerous area, and overcome the enemy.” .it’s over