A plot to assassinate al-Maliki and security forces emphasizes procedures in Baghdad

A plot to assassinate al-Maliki and security forces emphasizes procedures in Baghdad

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Baghdad / Orr News

Iraqi authorities have tightened security measures in Baghdad, after receiving information on the determination of armed groups to launch attacks on the headquarters of sensitive government inside and outside the Green Zone.

A source well-informed about the existence of a campaign for the arrest of a number of senior officers in the Interior Ministry accused of planning to assassinate Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after leaked security information in this regard. The source, who requested anonymity, that “there is inter arrests will reach senior officers in the Ministry of the Interior at a very high level suspects arranged for a plot to assassinate al-Maliki.”

He pointed out that the state of confusion in the capital Baghdad over the weekend and precautions major security around the house of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari and Maliki and cut all roads leading to important positions in the Green Zone indicates the fact rumors that talk about a scheme to overthrow the government contribute to the Turkish troops private work Iraq since 2004. And spreads the members of this force the center of the Iraqi forces, some ranking officers, mostly “Merge” paid her sums as happened with more than 6 thousand rank integrate the rank of colonel to brigadier general.

The source attributed the tight security and banditry to “an intelligence tip that al-Qaeda and armed groups planning to target the Green Zone, the headquarters of important government abroad.” The source said that “actions emphasized more in the Karkh district, because most of the insurgents operating from there.” He added that “the security services have information about entry of armed groups preparing to carry out terrorist attacks and wide including the Green Zone and government installations,” noting that “the information confirms it wants to blow up car bombs to create chaos and then hack into some government institutions.”

The source declined to disclose the targeted government institutions, as he did not give any date for ending the security measures that have transformed the capital into a large military barracks and made staff access to their business is very difficult.