A new Middle East shocking Obama

A new Middle East shocking Obama

May 14, 2015 10:47

A new Middle East shocking Obama That only two to attend the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) “Camp David” summit, which starts tomorrow, means a shift in diplomatic style and geopolitical between Washington and the region and a letter to President Barack Obama its content that the region is not confined to the influence of “Uncle Sam”, and began looking to alternatives.

A senior diplomatic source that the meetings leading up to the summit was tense does not imply the satisfaction of any of the GCC countries in dealing with the Obama administration. US Secretary of State John Kerry asked his counterparts at the Paris meeting, “Why are you afraid of Iran’s defense and Moisntekm match ten times the budget of Iran.” The question itself reflects the naivety of the administration to look at the Iranian role and read Gulf concerns. The impact of Iran’s budget is not subject to traditional defensive, and fights Tehran from Yemen to Iraq to Syria and Lebanon militias farther and financing of spreadsheet programs “Axel” and “Power Point” adopted by Washington.

Meetings before the summit also exposed the limited roof, which is moving beneath Washington in dealing with the Gulf countries. Fmsudh final statement seen by “life” has undergone modifications before officially published Thursday, is not an agreement between the two sides and defensive doctrine, such as provided by Jimmy Carter in the seventies. Final Statement current Bmsodth “F-35″ aircraft displays for fear of not fidget Israel and the threat of military superiority, not talking about any action in Syria Ttakth words the past four years of Obama on the “loss of legitimacy Assad … and support moderate opposition.” It’s traditional statements that will not change the glare of the Camp David meeting Nmtitha.

All I want Neil administration approval and cover regional comprehensive agreement on Obama may be signed with Iran in July (next July). This cover will also refined beyond the Gulf as any agreement posture “The evidence” to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons in the interest of the region. This mechanism and Conditions of the agreement will be determined on a table five major countries in the United Nations and the halls of Congress if the “comprehensive”, and evidence Stnkhv Iran in the application of the agreement or violating the standards.

In one of the preparatory meetings for the summit Arab official US side “Do we have a right to enrichment as owned by Iran?” He said. Question gig White House response was, “After this painstaking path with Tehran Do you want to become a Iran.” Here, too, it reflects the long-controversial Byzantine understand the gap between Washington and the new realities in the region. Today there is a Gulf shift towards greater Asian market and the Chinese giant, and the confidence of the decision of the Gulf and its ability to act independently, despite the reservations of the Obama administration.

This fact holds the US administration accounts, has paid a political and field transformations do not satisfy Washington in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Finally, as grumbling White House official of the Syrian opposition and the fact that progress northward that “benefit the jihadists and Al-Nusra Front.” But regardless of the wrong political analysis of this charge, His attitude has not signed a superpower, four years after the US-frequency oscillation in Syria.

Camp David summit in form and content will entrench a reality more independent of the Gulf, and less influential strategy for the management of Barack Obama and another.