Capital Bank of Jordan to seize the opportunity of investment in Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD / .. called Capital Bank in Jordan to seize the opportunity the export and investment in Iraq.

newspaper published (Dustour) report that: The American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan hosted Chairman Capital Bank Basem Khalil Al Salem in an open meeting attended by a group of men Business Jordanians interested market Iraqi addition to Iraqi businessmen, and some members of the U.S. Embassy, where they were addressed during the meeting to ways to seize export opportunities and investment in the Iraqi market promising.

The Capital Bank’s fourth-largest bank in Jordan in terms of the bank’s capital Jordanian only content in the Iraq through bank Ahli Iraqi, which enabled him to make it the experience and knowledge in the Iraqi market and building a strong network of relationships with various sectors, where is always trying to share his experiences in the Iraqi market with its clients and partners to provide all means of support for them to expand their business activities and development in the market Iraqi.

reviewed the peace in a meeting with investment opportunities large in the Iraqi market in the light of the growing economic ties between the two countries and promising opportunities in Iraq, reinforced his rule which imbued Capital Bank in Iraq, a strong base through owned accounted for 72% of the capital of National Bank of Iraq , pointing out that this rule provides added value to the Jordanian businessmen in Iraq, as well as providing a window safe enable them to expand in the Iraqi market, and provide a bridge Iraqis living in Jordan with their work and their interests in their homeland.

noted Salem that Capital Bank always seeks to develop its relations with All companies are looking for ways to grow its business in Iraq, and by facilitating the process of dealing between Capital Bank and National Bank of Iraq by giving them a comprehensive service of both our customers in Jordan or Iraq, and support the export process.

said that the bank launched a new service for Jordanian businessmen and Iraqi residents in Jordan focused on providing the necessary information to investors through the Department specializes in the Iraqi market would be responsible for business and investors and provide them with investment opportunities in Iraq for the development of their territories, reviewing services provided by Capital Bank through National Bank of Iraq, which facilitates them their banking between the two countries and in record time and enhance their confidence in us.