Iraq looking at the London Conference as an opening of bank guarantees for global companies

BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Ministry of Construction and Housing post its minister Mohammed shouted Darraji in conference and exhibition on the financial, banking and investment currently being held in London, to discuss the open door of investment to international companies and to provide bank guarantees to them.

Daraji said in a statement, today, received / JD / copy of it: “The conference is an important opportunity for Iraq to support the development of Iraqi banks in addition to opening the door for investment in front of international companies and the needs of the bank guarantees which can be provided by international banks.”

Darraji “It will emphasize the importance of the banking system and international banks in support the investment process in Iraq and in all fields, including the field of reconstruction and construction, a sector wider which needs to banking systems worldwide can provide the guarantees necessary for global companies in the field of reconstruction and construction. “

explained “that the goals of Iraq for fiscal 2012 is complete urgent needs and reforms needed in all across the country. “

He Darraji “that Iraq is preparing to redevelop government departments and configured to program development and widely contribute to the reconstruction of the country and put it in the right way to keep up with global developments in all economic fields.”

The Minister of Construction and Housing to “The conference of interest to the World Trade Organization and investors top technology companies and major financial institutions. “