Most current economic laws “socialism and the old” do not serve national economy

Baghdad (News) … She is a member of the Economic Commission of the Iraqi coalition Deputy from//Nora Salem albegari, that all existing economic laws are laws and socialism do not serve the Iraqi economy. She albegari (News Agency news) on Sunday: that all existing economic laws are laws against the new market regime and the Socialist old laws do not serve the Iraqi economy and do not contribute to alnhodah, asking members to change all existing laws or amending some articles to conform to modern market system and cope with global economic development.

She added: the new market system works in all States is free, while the Iraqi market is restricted by the laws of the old socialist system which helps to rebirth of economy.

Indicated: there are laws initiated important as tariffs and investment, but it has not been applied and deferred to 2 years during which period do not serve the Iraqi economy as a result of the Iraqi market cannot shebaa shoddy goods and damaged items.

Reported: that the new laws will help to diversify the resources of the general budget of the State support to rely solely on oil imports, adding that the rise of economic sector lies in activating the role of the private sector.