New steps to export oil in the event of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz

Parliamentary economy: new steps to export oil in the event of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz

Tuesday, September 18 / September 2012 14:44

[Baghdad – where]

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Abdul Salam al-Maliki, said that “Iraq will step during 2014-2015 new steps in the issue of exporting oil.

Maliki said in a statement told all of Iraq [where] today, “The companies that now operates through the system tables licenses are approaching very agreement that was between them and the Ministry of Oil extraction of crude oil, as well as that” the oil ministry began adopting a mechanism to work export oil, and there were negotiations with the Saudi side to open the strategic line across Saudi Arabia, “adding that” Iraq is waiting for the stability of the situation in Syria to open the line Banias, adding that the oil transport route between Turkey and Iraq is still working. ”

He added that “Iraq is not a prisoner of crises occur in a particular area as far as what is free from the Multi captivity, has فضاءاته and bases from which can build its economy.”

He said the “crises that occur in the Arab region and the regional does not rise to the level that the Iraqi economy hobbled as far as opening up the Iraqi economy to the countries of the region.”

He said Maliki said that “Iraq has a strategy for the mechanism of action of economic and started this strategy programmed and clear”, adding that “Iraq has money and large reserves of oil, as well as having a stockpile significant oil, as its borders are open with all countries of the world, even if narrow Strait of Hormuz. ”

The Gulf region is witnessing a state of tension and tensile after Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz and stop oil exports pass through, and that an estimated 40% of the global need, as if the United States and Western nations to impose economic sanctions on Iranian oil or hit sites and Iran’s nuclear facilities ” .

The Iraq depends on oil exports for the time being at its ports overlooking the Arabian Gulf Shatt al-Arab, more than two and a half million barrels per day, while depends on the Turkish port of Ceyhan to export about [400] thousand barrels only, where him up Iraqi oil through pipelines pass through the northern region, has been tapped from the pipes in the occupied Syrian and Saudi Arabia so far. “ended 2.
Source: alliraqnews