Discovery of a virus can steal personal data from phones and computers

Discovery of a virus can steal personal data from phones and computers

on 16/09/2012   12:56

Electronic integrity

Revealed a senior official in the “Microsoft” Global infiltration dangerous virus to large amounts of computers that are not being used, which is sold as organs of new and modern in many places in the world, and this is the first time in which they are detected viruses in hardware before be sold to the final consumer.

The British media that organ and one out of every five devices has “Microsoft” examined it contains a virus dangerous, noting that investigators professionals and technology experts looking for more viruses and studying the target of leaked to the new devices before they are sold to consumers.

An examination of viruses found in portable devices and appliances started alike, it allows personal data breach to the owners of these devices, and then stolen, including some passwords and bank statements for those who use their financial transactions.

The media quoted a British official as in “Microsoft” Richard Domingos saying: “We found viruses are able to turn on the microphone and the camera’s internal laptops, for the implementation of crimes spy relating to the registration and portray what is happening inside homes or offices victims who buy these devices.”

According to Domingos, ( Nitol ) virus is most dangerous for users where the linking tool to penetrate computer facilitates criminal intrusion and attack on the servers.

He says Domingos said that “Microsoft” discovered this new virus and dangerous in many cities in the world, but that most of the cases that were discovered were in China and countries surrounding, but striking that the devices that were discovered the virus was new and sealed the factory, did not never be used by anyone.
Source: alestiqama