Iran will be on the verge of being able to build a nuclear bomb within 7 or 8 months

Netanyahu: Iran will be on the verge of being able to build a nuclear bomb within 7 or 8 months

Published 17/09/2012 04:27 AM

Washington, Jerusalem – (Reuters)
Warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Iran will become about the ability to make a nuclear bomb in as little as six or seven months just reinforcing asked President Barack Obama to develop a “red line” for Tehran amid the worst odds Israeli-American for decades.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
In an attempt to get his message directly to the American public opinion Netanyahu spoke on television saying that by mid-2013 Iran will have acquired 90 percent of the material needed to build a nuclear weapon.

Again urged the United States to clarify the boundaries that Tehran should not exceed if they want to avoid military action, something Obama refuses to do.

In an interview with Channel (.. PVC) U.S., Netanyahu said “you have to put this red line in front of them (Iran) now before it is too late,” he said, adding that such a move could reduce the chances of attacking Iran’s nuclear sites.

Coincided unusually public disagreement between the United States and its traditional ally Israel with Obama’s decision not to meet Netanyahu later this month, reveals the widening rift between the two countries and increase the pressure on U.S. President in the last stage of the presidential election.

U.S. officials say senior that Iran has not taken a decision on the final step to assemble components nuclear bomb and show great confidence in Iran still needs to at least a year so that it has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and will need after that for another time for the processing of warheads to be placed on a missile. This contrasts with the timetable set by Netanyahu despite the absence of his arrival so far as to say that Iran has decided to build a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu did not appear any signs of abating for a pressure campaign by the equated the risk of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon and Muslim anger that provoked attacks on the U.S. embassies across the Muslim world last week.

Asked Netanyahu in the interview with him that channel. Me. C in emotional appeal and clear to Americans who are still reeling from after angry protests sparked by the film Ce of the Prophet Mohammed “It’s the same religious fanaticism that you see storm Svaratkm today. Do you want to these fanatics that possess weapons nuclear? ”

But not been charged Iran of involvement in igniting violence that swept through the capitals in the Middle East and Africa.

He argued Netanyahu, who was speaking via satellite from Jerusalem that there is a need for a reliable U.S. warning to rein in Iran, which denies seeking a nuclear bomb.

“They’re in the red zone,” and likened American football when a player reaches an area where about to score a goal. He said, “You can not let them cross the goal line.”

And threatened Mohammad Jaafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to respond to any Israeli attack, saying the U.S. bases in the region will strike and will stop the trade through the Strait of Hormuz, a transit point oil task.

He said, “nothing will remain of Israel.”

Susan Rice did not provide U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations indicates that U.S. President – who asked Netanyahu not to launch any attack on Iran’s nuclear sites and grant sanctions and diplomatic means the chance to come outcome – intends to reduce its resistance to the idea of the red lines.

Rice said “We will not rule out any option from the table to ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon, including the military option.” Uncertain position Obama long ago but insisted “they did not get to this point yet.”

He said the leaders of Israel, who are offering Iran’s nuclear program imminent danger of Israel they are moving within much narrower than the United States superpower, which has a massive conventional military arsenal.

Netanyahu was asked whether Israel closer to act alone, he said, “We always reserve the right to act., But I think that if we were able to coordinate a common position together will only increase the chances of us will be forced to act.”

Obama has faced – who is running in November presidential election in an effort to a second term – criticism of Republican rival Mitt Romney, who said that the president is very strict with Israel but it is not tough enough with Iran.

And raised to the sharp tone Netanyahu in recent speculation about a possible Israel to attack Iran before the U.S. election on the grounds that Obama will provide military aid and will not risk losing the vote supporters of Israel.

The Netanyahu drew criticism at home because of exaggeration in his position. He faces divisions in Israeli public opinion and within his own government, making it difficult Israel launched an offensive in any time soon.

Netanyahu said he appreciated Obama’s assurances not to allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. But Netanyahu, who raised his insistence on the idea of imposing a red line angered U.S. officials explained that these assertions are insufficient.

“I think that the red line in this case will serve to reduce the chances of the need for military action.”

In the most specific remarks on Iran and its nuclear program, Netanyahu said to CNN. Said. “They spend very quickly towards completing uranium enrichment, which they need to make a nuclear bomb. In six months or so will have completed 90 percent of the desired.”

It seems he was referring to Iran’s enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, a level it says you need to make radioactive isotopes for medical purposes, but also closer to the military level. Says a report released by UN inspectors in August that Iran has a stockpile of enriched uranium to the level of 20 percent up to 91.4 kg.

Experts say the minimum necessary to enrich bomb-making between 200 and 250 kg approx. Possibly reach Iran to this extent soon produce about 15 kilograms per month, a rate that can increase if Iran run centrifuges new to them.

Israel is keen to prevent Iran from acquiring the capability to make nuclear weapons, not just prevent it from making an actual bomb They fear that time is running out. And is believed widely that Israel has the only nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

Netanyahu did not repeat his sharp remarks, which he said last week that the United States has lost any “moral right” to prevent Israel because she refused to put strict U.S. restrictions on Tehran.

This came after the announcement that Obama would not meet with Netanyahu during his visit to the United States this month to deliver a speech before the United Nations in what was widely seen as ignoring.
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