Reward awaits Iraqis for handing over Kuwait documents

Baghdad seeks to settle thorny issues over Kuwaiti items smuggled in during invasion

Manama: Iraq has reiterated a call to its citizens to pass on information they might have about property or documents that belonged to Kuwait.

The property and the documents will be handed back to Kuwait in accordance with a United Nations Security Council resolution, the foreign ministry said.

“The cooperation of Iraqi citizens with the ministry is a national duty to help settle issues that we have inherited as a result of the crimes of the former regime,” the ministry said in a statement.

“It will also empower Iraq to resume its normal status within the international community.”

Any citizen who provides information on the Kuwaiti properties or documents will be offered a reward for serving his country, the ministry said.

In 2010, the Iraqi government placed front-page ads in newspapers, urging its citizens who had information about Kuwaiti documents to convey them to the authorities.

Baghdad has been pushing for settling the consequences of the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by the regime of former leader Saddam Hussain.

The Iraqi troops were ejected from Kuwait in February 1991, but several Kuwaiti documents and properties had been transferred to Iraq during the seven-month invasion.

The Security Council adopted several resolutions to address the invasion and its consequences, including the restitution of Kuwaiti items and documents looted by the Iraqi former regime.

Saddam Hussain was toppled in 2003, but the thorny issues of reparations and settlements have not been fully resolved.