Tomorrow: Jordan intends to discuss Iraq’s 1 billion dollar debt

BAGHDAD / JD / .. intends Jordanian government to discuss the issue of debt on Iraq, amounting to a billion dollars, during a meeting with Iraqi Minister of Finance tomorrow.

held in the Jordanian capital Amman this week talks ministerial Jordanian-Iraqi to promote trade and economic relations between the two countries, and discussed aspects of cooperation in all fields, and that on the sidelines of the session 26 of the Trade Committee Jordanian-Iraqi Joint headed by Minister of Industry and Trade Shabib Ammari and Iraqi Minister of Finance Rafie al-Issawi, which Stbdogda Tuesday.

was Issawi had confirmed last March during his visit to the Kingdom for meetings with IMF mission “that his country will be discussed debt issue Jordanian Iraq. “

Issawi pointed out that Iraq studying pay off all debts owed by the Iraqi government after the termination of discussions around with the Paris Club.

said decision of the Commission of Economy and Investment parliamentary deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil’s / JD /: “The debt position on Iraq Arab and European countries as a result of the byproducts of the former regime amounted to (140) billion dollars, was then delisting (40%) of them by the Paris Club agreement, and the remaining (82) billion dollars. “

and Khalil “that Iraq pay this debt in the form of investments and jobs provided of creditor nations. “ He said, “The interest of Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom settlement financial issues their outstanding.” It is noteworthy that Jordan awaiting approval Iraq agreement on establishing a free trade zone between the two countries signed for the purpose of entry into force.

During meetings session 25 of the Committee Jordanian-Iraqi joint held in Baghdad in October last year signed a memorandum of understanding for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries to promote bilateral trade and facilitate the flow of goods between the two sides.

Interestingly, that Iraq is exporting crude oil to Jordan at preferential prices b (70) dollars per barrel, according to agreements between the two countries and that debt is a response to Jordan after its support for Iraq during the reign of the former regime of food and trade.