Iraq agrees to compensate Americans affected by the system, “Saddam Hussein”

Iraq agrees to compensate Americans affected by the system, “Saddam Hussein”


Palm – a U.S. official said Iraq had agreed to pay financial compensation to the number of Americans who filed lawsuits against the regime of former President “Saddam Hussein” during the second Gulf War in 1991.

The U.S. embassy spokesman David Ranz, that an agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington on September this regard between Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey spokesman did not reveal the amount of compensation, but the newspaper “Christian Science Monitor” reported that Iraq is ready to pay about $ 400 million.

And some Americans filed complaints said they had been subjected to ill-treatment and abuse by Iraqi security forces after being taken into custody during the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in August 1990 as “human shields.”

For its part, confirmed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to sign an agreement between the two countries to resolve a number of legal claims for U.S. citizens inherited from the former regime as a legal measure is designed to protect Iraqi funds abroad and estimated these amounts in the tens of billions of fund dollar.

The ministry said on its website the agreement also boot goal for the successor arrangements to the Development Fund for Iraq (…) as a prelude to get out of the provisions of Chapter VII.

The United Nations imposed Resolution 661, which includes sanctions on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait, many of them was lifted after 2003, but there is still a ban on weapons in addition to restrictions on the movement of funds.

Has forced the Security Council Iraq to pay 5% of its oil revenues to fund a UN compensation Fund has received requests compensation of $ 368 billion, but he acknowledged only $ 52 billion, including about 39 billion for Kuwait, based on figures from Kuwait and from the Fund as stated Nations United finally that Iraq pay a total of $ 30.15 billion war reparations to Kuwait and remains about $ 22.3 billion must be paid.
Source: nakhelnews