Regional brokerage firms agree to work on the transfer of global financial markets to Iraq

Regional brokerage firms agree to work on the transfer of global financial markets to Iraq

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beirut – (Private) –
Agreed by Axis Capital. (KSC.) Lebanese Wi DS Global Securities, based in Abu Dhabi-based financial intermediation and specialized trading on the transfer of global financial markets into Iraq through the mechanics work permit to activate the Iraqi market investment and link it to the world markets.

The two companies signed in the Lebanese capital Beirut cooperation agreement allows management portfolios of hundreds of millions of dollars for the benefit of companies, banks and individuals.

The chairman said, “Access Capital” Walid Abu Suleiman said the Iraqi market represents an ideal destination for all international companies concerned financial markets, and that “the entry of financial markets modern and scattered across the world to the Iraqi market requires more efforts and media awareness, to demonstrate the potential of the capital market world and the benefits of investment in it, let alone explain levels of safety for the investor, and a link to the market with major international banks Nheikk for central banks in the region. ”

For his part, Philippe Ghanem, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of IDS Securities that the Iraqi market of most promising markets in the region, and that his company, which was founded in the United Arab Emirates and under the supervision of UAE central bank with a capital of up to $ 400 million of its goals openness to all markets in the region, especially the Iraqi market. ”

“The approach taken by the Axis Capital and the level of service and support they offer to their clients in line with the style LEDs Securities in the development of their business.”

He said that the approach that will be adopted in the next phase is to enter quiet coupled with confidence to the financial markets came in and the Iraqi market.
Source: alrayy