Kissinger: America is forced to occupy 7 oil countries to dominate the world

Kissinger: America is forced to occupy 7 oil countries to dominate the world

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Confirmed Henry Kissinger and former U.S. Secretary of State’s 89-year-old that Iran is the kickoff in the third world war that Israel will have to kill as many Arabs as possible and occupy half of the Middle East.

Kissinger said in an interview he conducted with the newspaper “Daily scape” U.S.: We have informed the U.S. military that we are compelled to occupy the seven countries in the Middle East because of its strategic importance to us, especially as it contains oil and other economic resources, leaving only one step, which is to attack Iran and when moving China and Russia from Ghafootehma would be “Big Bang” and the Great War which will win only one force is Israel, America, and Israel will have to fight with all my strength and weapon to kill the largest possible number of Arabs and occupy half of the Middle East, he says.

He added that the drums of war now ticking in the Middle East and strongly and do not hear it certainly “deaf.”

The Kissinger that if all goes as it should, it will be half the Middle East to Israel and said, “We have received our youth in America and the West well trained in the fighting over the past decade and when receiving orders to go out to the streets and fight those” chins crazy, “I will obey commands and يحولونهم to ashes on the extent he said.

The Kissinger that Iran will be the final nail in the coffin, which processers America and Israel both Iran and Russia after it has been granted the opportunity to recover and a sense of false power and then Sasagtan and forever to build a society new world will not only be a single force and a single government is world government super Bauer has dreamed a lot of this moment historical.
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