The U.S. document reveals the secrets of Iraqi weapons of mass scandal

The U.S. document reveals the secrets of Iraqi weapons of mass scandal

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –
Now, U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, the CIA initiated a ¬ęCIA to clarify how the deception was, in relation to weapons of mass destruction, which was said to Bhozhalarac. The U.S. National Security Archive using the Freedom of Information Act, in order to receive an important document related to this aspect, as a result of a request by the year 2006.

According to this document, which was unveiled recently, it is from the perspective of the CIA, the defunct had habitually lie in relation to possession of weapons of mass destruction, and therefore the Agency ratified it still possessed.

Unfortunately, the United States has gone to war in Iraq based largely on intelligence information is incorrect, which led to the deaths of 4486 U.S. military and 318 of the allied forces, and countless Iraqis, who were killed in the conflict that followed.

While withheld a large part of the explanation of the CIA’s position, observers stopped long paragraphs in the document stating the following:

First, when proven international inspections as more scrutiny than expected, the Iraqi leadership in what appears to have annoyed and made a fateful decision to destroy a large part of the project of weapons of mass destruction and documentation function.

Secondly, it seemed that the Iraqi steps toward transparency, unlike intended, confirms that Iraq can hide the secrets of his project.

Third, the method based on Iraqi cheat and retreat, making it difficult for inspectors to accept Iraqi assertions denying the existence of the project.
Source: alrayy