The economic environment has become “repulsive” of foreign currency

Parliamentary committee: the economic environment has become “repulsive” of foreign currency

13/09/2012 14:27

Dohuk September 13 / September (Rn) – The decision of the Economic Commission in the House of Representatives Thursday that the economic environment Iraqi become repellent to hard currency and investment projects, noting that the Iraqi economy is exposed to pressure because of the sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria. said Mahma Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn ) that “the economic environment of Iraq and the outcome of the political crisis became environment repulsive of hard currency and investment projects.” he added, saying “political crises successive affected all areas of life, and economic movement in the Iraqi state now, almost paralyzed and hard currency out of the country either by citizens or merchants or a third party (not named by). ” and noted that “a lot of people no longer have confidence in Iraqi currency, and that they remove their money out of the country and hard currency.” “This action will affect deposits and balances Iraqi, as well as the presence of signals Ptbazir of funds and the presence of brokers conflict in the Iraqi market and this will inevitably affect the Iraqi economy. ” He Khalil said that “the Iraqi economy is exposed to other pressures due to the sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria, for objective reasons.” It was to be “objective related to that of Iraq trade exchanges with Iran Today, the international sanctions against Iran affected products recent on trade with Iraq, as well as the presence of brokers Iraqis speculating in the market. ” “The side of the self, the Iraqi trader became role pivotal, and today is dealing with the various countries of the world, and certainly will some These traders somehow remittances in hard currency, which would negatively affect the currency and the Iraqi economy, which relies on oil imports in absolute terms because he’s economy unilaterally. ” On the possibility influenced the Iraqi dinar because of falling Iranian rial, see Khalil said that “the Iraqi dinar has a full-coverage, and all dinars exist in the Iraqi market covered in hard currency and balance of Iraq in the basket of currencies exceeded ceiling of 65 billion dollars and the money supply of 33 trillion Iraqi dinars. ” “should not be allowed at all to float the Iraqi currency affected by many factors, but the dinar will be affected transactions result of the entry of goods and exit currency difficult, which could affect secondarily in the Iraqi dinar, “said Khalil. : numbness acetate. Open: Murtaza Yousuf

Source: aknews