President of Parliament hosts Minister of Oil; Set Tuesday as the date for the mini-committee to work the oil and gas law

Baghdad / WAP / hosted the Presidency of the Council of Representatives today and Oil Minister Abdul Karim Luaibi and head of the oil and energy committees, legal and their members to discuss oil and gas law and Almarqlat that stand in the way of legislation.

The transfer of the Information Office of the Parliament in a press statement received news agency Baghdad International copy Wednesday, the President of the Council Osama Najafi as telling through hosting “renounce and overcome differences between the political blocs and to agree on a final version of the legislation law as soon as possible because it is of paramount importance to the people’s interest, and unlike that the delay in the organization of law generates ongoing crises between the conflicting parties reflect negatively on the economic reality of the country. “

He Nujaifi that “the government is serious in working on legislation law by combining the participants in the draft bill for 2007 and the draft in 2011 and the study of the points of difference between the two formulas and exit form a new constitutional and final satisfaction of all parties and submitted to the Council for the completion stages of approving the law.”

For his part, said Qusay al-Suhail, First Deputy Chairman of the Council that “the Council of Ministers demanded of the legislature to adopt a draft law in 2011 and the abolition of the previous version.” Suhail attributed the delay in reaching a “consolidated proposal for the draft law to the multiplicity of proposals and demands made on it,” he said, calling members of the blocks to “make efforts to resolve the oil and gas law to be passed in the House of Representatives.”

In turn, demanded Aref Tayfur Vice President resorting to the House of Representatives: “international experts to help resolve points of contention in the constitutional articles which provided for the distribution of natural resources among the people, declaring adherence to the Kurdistan Alliance bloc a copy of the bill for the year 2007.”

The Minister of Oil for “a qualitative changes have taken place on the ground in the field of oil and energy and oil fields prompted the Cabinet to reconsider the earlier draft of the law for not compatibility with current conditions and rely on law submitted by the government in 2011, which includes export of oil products through منظمومة national unified ensure all rights, built on the basis of constitutionality “.

Luaibi added that “a copy of the draft law in 2007 was translated from English and broken formulated in a way that is legally and linguistic.”

As the MP Adnan al-Janabi, head of the Commission on oil and energy, “disputed law is one of the important pillars in the current phase and the continuation of the parties concerned Baltazmt positions and does not serve the interests of the trend that placed in the service of the country and citizens.”

The MP Khalid Shwani Chairman of the Legal policymaking on the draft law of oil and gas in line with the principles of the Constitution through the distribution of powers between the two governments and federal region, “saying the proposed law for the year 2011″ a reaction to the previous draft and inconsistent with his House of Representatives in 2007, which was first read in the council. “

In conclusion Student Council President parties combined to: “Do not use the language of militancy to reach subscribers between versions of the bill and come up with new visions derive a final draft to resolve this vicious dilemma.”

It was also decided to form a sub-committee comprising one candidate of the parliamentary blocs three major addition to oil ministers in the federal government and the Kurdistan region to study the points of contention between the drafts in 2007 and 2011 and settle the matter out with a draft new law on the Commission holds first Ajtmaatha next Tuesday.