Guardian: anti-American reaches Europe

Guardian: anti-American reaches Europe


Palm – newspaper “The Guardian” British, on Wednesday, the results of an opinion poll indicates that the United States has lost the confidence of the entire world, even in Europe.

The newspaper pointed out that the decline in U.S. influence in the international arena due to the lack of confidence in the intentions and motivations of the United States toward international issues.

Says, “The Guardian” that is interesting in this poll is that these negative feelings toward America is no longer confined to the Middle East, but expanded to include Europe and South Asia.

She pointed out that in Pakistan, for example, the percentage of mistrust in the United States 78% in the Arab region and with high negative feelings against America, he said only 39% of participants in the survey that they do not have a claim by atom.

In Britain, which has always been an ally of the United States has said 40% of the respondents thought that the word always associated in their minds when they remember the United States is “bullying.”
Source: nakhelnews