Independent: by Obama to the White House starts from Israel

Independent: by Obama to the White House starts from Israel


Palm – considered the newspaper “The Independent” British, on Wednesday, the U.S. relationship with Israel may largely determine the fate of President Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election.

The newspaper pointed out that the one present at the speech delivered by Obama in Florida categorically urged President said, “What about Israel??” Noting that this question came expressing how Obama needed to find a diplomatic answer to respond to this man represents the Jews of the South is an important part of the electoral bloc in this U.S. state.

She adds that what makes Obama’s position difficult in this context is what the campaign is doing rival Mitt Romney that always promotes the idea that the U.S. relationship with Israel are not on what should be in the Obama era and that this will change in the era of Romney.

At that sees Democrats that America did not provide appropriate support for Israel to strike Iran but some Israeli academics believe that Obama did a to Israel a lot of services, especially with regard to increasing U.S. aid and military block Palestinian efforts to gain recognition of the United Nations State of Palestine.

Independent theme concludes that U.S. President became aware that he could not bear the cost of the loss of Jewish Voice and one in the next election.
Source: nakhelnews