If Republicans won the new U.S. administration will be the most pro-Israel!

If Republicans won the new U.S. administration will be the most pro-Israel!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BAGHDAD – babysit – said the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, “Obama threw his allies like Israel under the wheels of the bus”, which he abandoned his friends. Romney is not the first Republican candidate uses this expression to describe Obama’s relationship with Israel.
It is expected to have a Republican attack on the relationship between Obama and Israel has important implications on the foreign policy of the United States, for several reasons: first, that Israel is the only country in the Middle East

That play a consistent role in the U.S. elections, and affect the way a large number of ballot voters of all faiths and denominations.

Secondly, the position of Israel is an indicator of attitudes of other topics in the Middle East, such as the positions of the energy policy, and Islamization, and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Turkey led by Justice and Development Party, and the Iranian nuclear issue, and intervention in Libya, and presidency Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, and civil war in Syria.

Third, show Republican criticism of President Obama has been a fundamental change in the factor that determines the relationship with Israel. In the past, religion is a key element, and American Jews were ardent Zionists, while the

Christians are less enthusiastic. Today, what determines the position of Israel is the political outlook, jaws know a person’s attitude toward Israel is not for us to know his religion, but any presidential candidate supports.

Overall, the relationship of American conservatives today Israel is a warm relationship, while the relationship is the relationship of liberals cold. Opinion polls suggest that conservatives are liberals صهيونيون excited, and comes after them

Independents, Democrats, finally liberals – Democrats.

Given that Israel turned to the subject of the divides between Democrats and Republicans, I expect that if Romney wins and Bob Ryan in the elections, they will be at the head of the U.S. administration is the most pro-Israel. In

By contrast if Barack Obama won again, it is expected to be his administration’s relationship with Israel is colder in the history of U.S. administrations.

The rigid relationship between Obama and Israel during the last three years make us get to this conclusion, as well as what we know about Obama’s past before entering politics presidential, especially his relations with extremist parties hostile to Zionism, such as Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi. Q, Q
Source: alrayy