Newspaper comparing al-Maliki dictatorship of Saddam Hussein

Comparing newspaper al-Maliki dictatorship of Saddam Hussein

11/09/2012 16:05

Beirut September 11 / September (Rn) – launched newspaper “The Guardian” British sharp attack on Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, saying that the short distance became separated from the symmetry with former President Saddam Hussein. Initially, wondered the British newspaper whether turns Nuri al-Maliki to become ” dictator’s New, “adding,” Is there anyone who cares in Washington this? “. noted that the answer to the second question is easy, as the Pentagon wanted to keep the 8 thousand U.S. troops in Iraq, but Maliki said clearly that there will be American troops after end security agreement on 31 December 2011. also pointed out that the American Embassy looked employ 16 thousand people have, and the CIA wanted to recruit 700 elements in Iraq, but “a man of strong Iraq” reduced these numbers by emphasizing that visas diplomacy Americans, it must be approved by his office directly. The newspaper considered that Washington could use “soft power” through pressure through decades of military exports, but do not want to do so, while al-Maliki allows the airline Iranian supplying the regime in Syria with weapons, While Washington ignores it. As for the first question related to whether Maliki turns into a dictator, he said that “authoritarian” Maliki still has some distance to go before reaching the level horror of Saddam Hussein, but the list of charges against them bigger. reported how in Night withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, tanks surrounded the house, Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and other leading in the coalition in Iraq, under the leadership of Ibn al-Maliki, referring also to a court ruling issued against Hashemi last Sunday, spends his execution for his involvement in “terrorist acts” practiced “death squads” subsidiary in the past years. newspaper noted, however, that Iraq is not the first victim to tighten Maliki’s grip on power. The newspaper reported widespread his influence over the security services and military forces, especially special forces him directly and that is called “Fedayeen al-Maliki.” She also noted the influence broad intelligence services and the judiciary. The newspaper concluded by pointing out that after the address of the Year, who laid down their arms in 2010 to choose the political work, the next target for the owners, will be the Kurds who Satahedd put autonomy of their own, and then will come the Sadrists. as confirmed that the bottom line will be a centralized state like Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It also warned that it would not be surprising that al-Qaeda’s return to his former activity after Sunni tribes took up arms against him in the past. concluded by warning that “al-Maliki sought to dominate, could lead his country back into civil war.” : Khalil al-Khalil. Open: Abdullah Sabri

Source: aknews