Vice Kordstani: Maliki benefit from political crises created by…

Vice Kordstani: Maliki benefit from political crises created by the

Date: 09/10/2012 14:20:14 Monday

Erbil (news) .. Accused MP / coalition blocs Kurdistan / Schiller Aziz, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take advantage of the political crisis created by the.
said Aziz told the reporter Agency (news) on Monday: no will of the Federal Government and the Prime Minister to resolve the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, noting that Maliki oriented exacerbate these issues, while Kurdistan with a solution helps to solve these issues. said Attorney Kurdistan: The Maliki learned from the political crisis and the problems he created with the Kurdistan Region, including the oil and gas law and company Nowruz Thiel and forming operations command Tigris, explaining, that Kurdistan and the parties meeting (Erbil – Najaf) had not seen until now on a paper reform call it the National Alliance. experiencing relationship between Baghdad and Erbil many disagreements notably those relating to oil contracts, and stresses the Baghdad government that the Constitution limit sign oil contracts with, while government refuses Kurdistan and affirms its right to contract. / end / 24. d. Q /
Source: ikhnews