Iraq’s former national security advisor denies a Kuwaiti newspaper’s claim over prisoners

BAGHDAD, Sept 7 (KUNA) ­­ Iraqi former national security advisor Muwafaq Al­Rubaiee Friday denied a Kuwaiti newspaper’s report that Kuwaiti prisoners were moved outside Iraq thus possibly alive

Al­Rubaiee denies the paper’s report and calls upon media “to deal with this issue accurately and carefully and responsibly because it concerns lives of missing Kuwaiti citizens and their families are waiting any news to know their fate,” his office said in a statement

Such reports, he said, “will create a gap in Kuwait­Iraq relations which have made large strides to return to normal” especially after the Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al­Maliki’s visit to Kuwait as well as official meetings between both sides

Al­Rubaiee however said he talked to the correspondent of the newspaper

He said he “investigated with important figures of the former regime including Watban Al­Takriti … These are classified information belonging to the State of Iraq which can’t be disclosed.” Al­Rubaiee also told the paper that Kuwait could form a joint committee with Iraq “to pose specific questions and not an investigation about the Kuwaiti prisoners who are missing in Iraq.”